Ghosts haunt his family before his deathGhosts haunt his family before his death
16 Feb.
Many ghosts appear only once, at the moment in which their life is over. One of the first documented stories of this kind happened in 1250. Before the abbess of Laycock, in England, appeared a skeleton....
The most famous ghostsThe most famous ghosts
01 Mar.
In 1966 Ralph Hardy visited him. In the section devoted to the Queen he decided to photograph the beautiful staircase. When the photos were developed he saw a figure of a man who climbed on it....
Ghosts in the airplaneGhosts in the airplane
10 Sept.
The ghosts stopped to visit the aircraft when the company was forced to make some water rituals on the planes....
Sinister Female GhostsSinister Female Ghosts
10 June
She was burned at the stake and cursed anyone who would summon her ghost to die a horrible death....
Most famous GhostsMost famous Ghosts
21 June
The ghost of the murdered dealer has appeared before two sisters, Maggie and Cathy Fox. In 1840 in New York came a young dealer who sold porcelain....
The smell of deathThe smell of death
01 Jan.
The ability of animals to identify their dead relatives occurred 400 million years ago, say researchers from Canada. It is no secret that when animals and people die their bodies broadcast an unpleasant odor....
The Australian City Teeming with GhostsThe Australian City Teeming with Ghosts
17 June
According to experts, the presence of so many ghosts in the area can be explained by the fact that in the 20s of the last century there were a number of incidents there that caused the deaths of many....
Ghosts appear in the White HouseGhosts appear in the White House
03 Mar.
The next morning, however, he wished to leave the White House, because he was scared by the ghost of the 16th U.S. president, who visited him that night....
Passion Week Before EasterPassion Week Before Easter
06 Apr.
Passion Week is here (in the Eastern Orthodox calendar)! The biggest spring Christian holiday is dedicated to the death and resurrection of Christ....
The Death Houses in IndonesiaThe Death Houses in Indonesia
11 Jan.
As Christianity requires, before they are buried, the bodies of the dead are stored in these houses of death....
The Romans Celebrated Saturnalia the Week Before ChristmasThe Romans Celebrated Saturnalia the Week Before Christmas
19 Dec.
The Romans visited the temples of the god of agriculture, decorating them with wreaths in the hopes that he would watch over them next year as well....
Have I Lived Here Before?Have I Lived Here Before?
05 Nov.
This explains why some places that you have never visited seem very familiar and you may even recognize the smallest details....
The Most Famous Guidebooks about DeathThe Most Famous Guidebooks about Death
21 Nov.
Bardo Thodol - Tibetan Book of the Dead The Tibetan Book of the Dead is another guidebook to the afterlife and rebirth....
Quantum Theory Explains What Happens to the Soul After DeathQuantum Theory Explains What Happens to the Soul After Death
13 Nov.
A person experiences clinical death when their heart stops beating and blood circulation and breathing stop. Before a fatal end, the body can be reanimated....
Abilities after clinical deathAbilities after clinical death
11 Nov.
There are people who have become clairvoyant after experiencing clinical death....

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