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What we know about death

What we know about death

When it comes to death, some people try to avoid conversations on this topic at any price, others are open to speculation.

Some people prefer to consider it in isolation, while others feel the need to talk about impending death with their friends and relatives.

What we know about death

Most of the second kind, are hoping their relatives to be in their last moment with them, give them something like courage. There are many who believe that after death there is something else and believe in the immortality of the soul.

Death is often a mysterious and forbidden topic. Most of the facts we know about death, are based on the experiences of strangers. But actually, we know very little about death, less than anything else.

What is known, gives some insight into this mysterious process. Basic knowledge of death can help the family, relatives and one’s self when dying to prepare for the inevitable.

A person is considered clinically dead after his heart stopped, but other systems of the body before it stop, which is a clear sign that the person dies.

In the last weeks and days of life parts in the body are closed, leading to loss of control over bladder and bowel, reducing the temperature, difficulty breathing, bluish skin, excitement and absent mindedness.

The body has less energy and often sleeps less and eats and needs fluids. The throat is very dry, making it difficult to swallow.

Clinical death is when the heart stops beating, breathing and circulation stop. The man who is in a state of clinical death, can be CPR-ed and life can be maintained artificially.

Biological death occurs four to six minutes after clinical when brain cells die from lack of oxygen. Then ER is impossible.

Closest to you are the last to talk to when dying, because the hearing is a sense that we lose before death.

It is believed that the human body can really live to old age - one hundred twenty-five years but not more than that. However, many people hope medicine of immortality to be invented.