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Abilities after clinical death

Abilities after clinical death

Sometimes after clinical death people get weird gifts. There are cases in which intuition is highly developed after experiencing clinical death. One begins to anticipate a variety of events.

There are people who have become clairvoyant after experiencing clinical death. It is believed that people who see the past and future, draw information of a general information box in which there is evidence of everything that ever happened or will happen, no matter to whom.

Strong intuition develops after various types of trauma, stress and very often after clinical death. Some people who have experienced clinical death say that while in the afterlife, they heard a voice that told them that they should be returned - all with separate special missions.

Among the bizarre features that may occur after clinical death is the absolute lack of sleep in some people. They do not feel tired nor is fussed by the fact that they never sleep.

Sometimes, after clinical death, a man wakes up with knowledge of languages that are no longer in use. This sometimes happens to people who do not deal easily with learning foreign languages.

Almost all people who have experienced clinical death, return from beyond the grave with a very highly developed intuition. They can anticipate important events in the lives of their loved ones, but often can not do the same for themselves.

Almost all people who have passed through the phenomenon of clinical death, claim that they do not feel good on earth , having experienced how well you can feel otherwise. They are very angry that they had to come back here.

Sometimes, people who have experienced clinical death completely closed themselves off, cease to communicate with their closest friends and start to behave strange and alienating after their cure.