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Signs That your Soul has Reincarnated Before


Humanity has been interested in the subject of reincarnation for millennia. Ancient civilizations believed that after the death of the body, the soul continued its earthly journey in a new form.

Although there's no scientific evidence for rebirth, numerous unusual stories lead us to believe in this supernatural process.

Around the world, there have been stories documented of people talking about their past lives with striking detail and backing their words with facts. With such cases in mind there's nothing left for us but to believe them.

But according to mystics we don't always remember our past lives. It's possible that we have reincarnated before without realizing it. Learn about the signs indicating that you're an old soul that's inhabited other bodies throughout various periods of time.

1. Recurring dreams

Recurring dreams are a normal phenomenon if there are familiar people present in them. However, if you often see individuals that you don't recognize, it's likely you had some connection to them in another life.


2. Unexplained phobias

Every one of us has their own deep fear, which usually has an explanation. But if you have a strong fear of something without knowing the reason, there's a chance that this phobia has something to do with a past life. For example, if in a past life you died falling off from a great height, it's possible that now you feel anxious every time you find yourself high up.

3. Deja vu

You often have the feeling that you've already been in a particular place or with a particular person. Perhaps it is not coincidental but due to a past life.

4. Spirituality

If you notice that you're not interesting in the things your peers are into or simply see events in a more mild manner, it means you are wiser. This ingrained experience could very well be due to your soul being older, more patient and rational.