The Magical Powers of the Lotus FlowerThe Magical Powers of the Lotus Flower
21 Sept.
According to the esoterics, there is no black magic, curses and bad vibrations wherever the lotus leaf is....
Strongest love spellsStrongest love spells
15 Dec.
Ancient cultures have always seen love as an essential factor. The more fundamental and primordial it is, parallel to it, there have been beliefs an ideas as to how it can be managed and directed....
Love spells with candlesLove spells with candles
11 Nov.
In this case, you have to pay a serious price and this will be trouble that will strike when most unexpected. Love spells with candles are practiced only if it what makes you make them is true love....
Supernatural Powers Love ChildrenSupernatural Powers Love Children
16 Sept.
Ten years later however she married a doctor who loved had loved her since childhood....
What impact flowers have on DreamsWhat impact flowers have on Dreams
22 Dec.
Sleep with flowers in your bedroom, if you want sweet dreams, scientists recommend, cited by Air Force....
Do Cats Have Supernatural Powers?Do Cats Have Supernatural Powers?
20 Oct.
There is no shortage of beliefs when it comes to the supernatural powers of cats. One thing is certain - these animals do possess powers that we humans do not understand....
The meaning of FlowersThe meaning of Flowers
07 Sept.
It is customary to gift a flower to a young girl, during the initial courtship. Three flowers are donated in a serious relationship, when a man is not yet convinced that he will receive reciprocity....
Magical Objects That Every Household Should HaveMagical Objects That Every Household Should Have
18 July
Flower with large leaves Every home should have a pot with a flower with green leaves, kept in the bedroom. It protects against nightmares and facilitates a good night's sleep. 5....
The secret language of flowersThe secret language of flowers
29 Nov.
Since ancient times people have used flowers to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Lewis Carroll was sent to Alice in Wonderland through a mirror in a garden filled with talking flowers....
How to Cast a Love SpellHow to Cast a Love Spell
24 Feb.
Spells for love can be found in almost all ancient mythologies and beliefs. They fall into the category of white magic since they are often done with a pure heart and positive energy....
The Magical Properties of the BroomThe Magical Properties of the Broom
17 June
The broom is among the objects in the house that have the power to protect it from anything negative. To keep evil away from your home, you're going to need a new broom and 2 new sewing needles....
The magical properties of goldThe magical properties of gold
30 Nov.
Gold earrings are a powerful talisman that helps first love when meeting new man or a job interview....
Magical Properties of Lavender you Would Have Never SuspectedMagical Properties of Lavender you Would Have Never Suspected
13 July
It attracts love to the lives of lonely hearts....
The power of numbersThe power of numbers
26 Mar.
Holders of three may have super powers like clairvoyance and magic. These people are active and purposeful. Hey go straight for the goal despite all difficulties....
Legends of the Edelweiss FlowerLegends of the Edelweiss Flower
14 Sept.
She was so utterly happy that she would finally have the flower she had dreamed of. But the lucky man, who had reached the flower, was disappointed by the princess when he saw her once again....