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What Does the Love Horoscope Have in Store for you Today - November 3?


Except a pleasant day, loaded with positive emotions. You're easily going to develop a serious and longlasting relationship with the new person you meet today. Keep in mind that all of the actions you perform today are going to have their consequences in the days to come, so be careful what you say and do. If you unintentionally offend someone you respect, this will likely lead to problems for you in the future.

Aries - Throughout the day, you and your partner are going to keep wondering who is responsible for the changes that have occurred in your relationship. But in all likelihood, both of you are to blame and you shouldn't accuse each other but instead try to find the solution to your problems. Single Aries are in danger of falling into a tangled love situation that will be difficult to get out of without someone being hurt. Accept the fact that there's no way to make everyone happy and continue onward.


Taurus - Today you're finally going to manage to be alone with your thoughts and feelings, as well as determine what exactly you feel toward the person that you're most interested in at the moment. It's possible that the conclusions you reach today greatly surprise both others and you yourself.

Gemini - Non-single Geminis need to evaluate the behavior of their partner. They may have been too strict in their judgement and not taken this into account. But today they are going to receive important insights, which they can use to restore the harmony in their relationship. Singles of this zodiac sign have need of time spent with friends and loved ones. At the moment, flirting with strangers isn't going to bring them what they have need of most.

Cancer - Today you're going to have the feeling that your partner isn't participating adequately in the conversations you're trying to have with them and this will bring you doubt. Try to find the reason behind it and determine if your hunch is incorrect. Single Cancers are going to portray themselves excellently on the love front. You're easily going to impress the object of your affection and new passionate relations will begin.

Leo - Non-single Leos, it's not too late to reevaluate the decisions you've made and save your relationship. Give your partner another chance and you won't regret it. Single representatives of the sign are going to be desirable company for many. The only thing required of them is to decide which of their admirers they want to spend the day with.


Virgo - Today your partner is going to take you by surprise with their behavior. They're likely finally going to work up the courage to take the step you've long been waiting for. Single Virgos, today your loved ones are going to introduce you to an individual that you won't find attractive at first. However, the stars don't advise you jump to conclusions. The Universe has a pleasant surprise planned.

Libra - Married Libras, several changes are going to take place in you personal life today. But don't fret, they're not going to lead to any negative consequences in your relations. Single Libras are going to experience a real celebration on the love front today. The Universe is going to shower you with various gifts, while saving the sweetest ones for the darkest part of the day.

Scorpio - Today your own mouth will be your greatest enemy. There's a danger of you offending a person whom you have feelings for. This will hurt them deeply and forever change their attitude toward you.

Sagittarius - Today, Sagittarii need to be understanding, accepting and yielding on the love front. This is the only way for them to prove to the people they like that they really care for them and that they're ready to do anything to be with them.

Capricorn - You have a truly exciting and unpredictable day in store for you. Single Capricorns are going to receive an admittance of love from a person who had not given even the slightest hint of their feelings. Non-single Capricorns are going to get into a brief quarrel with their partner due to an an act of jealousy but will quickly smooth things out in the bedroom.


Aquarius - Your partner is going to thirst for displays of affection today and isn't going to want to leave you by yourself for very long. Expect them to seek your company and bombard you with flirtatious texts, even when you're far away from one another. Single Aquarians can also expect a steamy virtual correspondence with someone they hardly know, which will quickly develop into something more than a random flirt.

Pisces - Today you're going to need to remember a valuable piece of love advice given to you by your parents some time ago. Only with it will you be able to handle the dangers looming over your relationship. Today, single Pisces are going to get the opportunity to develop their fling into a solid relationship but few of them will actually take advantage of this due to their preconceptions.