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Supernatural Powers Love Children

Supernatural Powers Love Children

Children see and understand the supernatural powers much better than adults.

Is it true that children are more likely to be associated with the paranormal phenomena and that their perceptions and sense are sharpened to the supernatural world?

Supernatural Powers Love Children

Many researchers agree that from an early age to the adolescence age some children fail to develop a bias against the supernatural which however has been observed in adults.

An American girl Marlen Walters was frequently visited by an invisible friend. Marlen was very confident that the 'friend' was a fictional character from the story of a film.

One evening Marlen's parents showed her an old family photo album which until that day she had not seen. A mysterious photo of a guest showed the father of her mother, who had died before Marlen was born.

Her parents went on to remember that the old man dreamed of living to see his granddaughter. The invisible friend was this man.

Another curious case

One morning five year old Tommy from Massachusetts woke up feeling very happy. Before learning the alphabet with his mum he played in his room.

However after lunch his mood radically changed. Tommy stared to cry without any reason. Later that night the phone rang to give that bad news that Tommy's father had died in a car accident.

Another Story

Viswanathan Anand received a gift for his tenth birthday, a trip to Bombay. The boy observed with admiration the enormous skyscrapers and enjoyed walks with his parents in the park whilst eating ice cream.

Viswanathan and his family went to the city Pokrayna. As they walked through the city the boy spoke to an old lady. “why did you not keep your promise? You promised no to marry after my death? ”.

The old women did not looked shock, 35 years before this situation she lost her husband and on his death bed she promised never to look at another man. Ten years later however she married a doctor who loved had loved her since childhood.



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Haley Hibbs
Haley Hibbs
25.06.2012 02:01
I have had strange incidents, I am 15 and I have Deja Vu moments and I can sense a strange and scary prescense in my basement when all the lights are turned out, I will sometimes wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 am and I'll see a black cloud on my ceiling and it will move around.
13.03.2012 21:48
Huh, another interesting moment :)