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Love spells with candles

Love spells with candles

Love spells with candles are spread among many nations, but must be done very carefully, if you do not want to turn the spell against yourself.

Love spells with candles may only be done if you really feel that you otherwise can not influence love and must not be practiced more than once a month.

With magic with candles, you should never attempt to punish your spouse, if you want to attract the love and attention of a person, you should be aware of their feelings.

In any case, you should not do a love spell with candles if you just want to get someone to fall in love with you, to mock them. In this case, you have to pay a serious price and this will be trouble that will strike when most unexpected.

Love spells with candles are practiced only if it what makes you make them is true love. One love spell with candles is made with the rising moon.

Take two thin wax candles. Just two minutes before midnight, these candles are twisted around each other, and you repeat the following: "As these candles are intertwined, so will our destinies interweave." Repeat it three times.

Then light the candles that have already become one with the words "Do not light a candle, light a spark of love for me." It is imperative to repeat three times the name of the person you want to love you.

This ritual is performed in absolute privacy. Your hair should be tied up. This love ritual is repeated every night for nine days. The result comes after nine days. If it does not work, try again.

If the second time does not work, try the ritual with a red and white candle. You need white candle wax, red candle wax, a few hairs from a cat and a piece of paper.

On the paper write the name of the person you want and your own name on top of it. Put cat hair on the names, fold the paper in 4 and light the two candles at the same time. While it burns, think only of that person.



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22.11.2012 10:55
does this really work!!sounds funny :p