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Magical Objects That Every Household Should Have


If you're interested in esoteric and occult subjects, you've probably heard that it's best to have fewer objects in your home, as not only do they collect dust, they are also carriers of specific energies, which may not always have a positive effect on you.

Among the items you should never have in your home are small figurines of eagles or storks, which may attract a bad omen to the inhabitants of the home. The same applies for the horns of animals, posters of fish, figurines of elephants with a hanging trunk.

Storing gifts you don't really like, as well as old shoes, can also bring misfortune. Broken or damaged possessions also have negative consequences. That is why, if you have any such items in your home, it's best to get rid of them.


At the same time, according to clairvoyants, there are magical objects which charge one's home with positive energy, make life easier and more successful, plus gift us with beauty and charisma. See what some of these are below.

1. Mirror on a stand

If possible, obtain a small mirror of this kind. When looking into it, you're going to feel more beautiful and will in reality be a magnet toward the opposite sex. Further, this object will help you come up with promising new ideas at work.

2. A beautiful notebook

Surely you're thinking that since nowadays we can just write notes on our electronic devices, there's no need at all for notebooks and pens. According to mystics however, to make our most intimate desires real, we need to write them down on actual paper. As such, they recommend that we always keep a pretty notebook on our nightstand to serve as a diary.

3. A gas lamp

Here's another old-fashioned item that has no place in the modern home anymore. Well, not exactly, because according to old chronicles, this item has the ability to ward off evil spirits from the home and protect against such in the future.

4. Flower with large leaves

Every home should have a pot with a flower with green leaves, kept in the bedroom. It protects against nightmares and facilitates a good night's sleep.

5. Sunflower

It can be real or artificial. Just put it near your other flowers inside the house and you'll never be bored or sad again.


6. A pitcher of water

It needs to be particularly beautiful and be kept where family members get together. It is believed that when people exchange compliments and displays of affection, the water in the container picks up the positive energy and keeps it for longer periods. Likewise, if there's an argument around it, the water needs to be changed because it retains negative energy as well.

7. Hand-sewn tapestries and embroideries

These bring family well-being if they are handed down by relatives. So don't throw out those hand-sewn pillow casings or coverings that grandma had lying around. They're good luck!