Pick a Flower! Find out What you`re Like in Love
Избери цвете! Виж какъв си в любовта
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Pick a Flower! Find out What you`re Like in Love

Flower Test
Image: YouTube

Love is the most powerful force in human life and the greatest joy of all. No wonder the great Shakespeare once said: "Only lovers truly live, everyone else just exists."

But sometimes, after finding love we begin to see it as a given and overlook the person next to us. At such a time we need something to remind us of where we are and give us a realistic idea of the status of our relationship.

And that is exactly what you can determine with our easy and vibrant psychological test. Simply look at the 4 flowers in the image and pick the 1 that the butterfly will go to first.

Then read on below to find out what message lies behind each type of flower. You'll learn more about yourself, your behavior in love, as well as the development of your partnership. You may have to change your views if you'd like to keep your partner by your side for a longer period of time.

Flower A


You're the type of person that finds it more difficult to communicate. As such you're never in a hurry to get into intimate relations, instead you wait to meet a special person. That's when you hold nothing back and feel infinitely happy. But your big problem is that you can never fully learn to trust your partner and they sense that. Additionally, you don't easily forgive. For these reasons your relationship may start out very well but then end crashing and burning out of nowhere.

Flower B

You're not the type of person that dives into a relationship just because you're bored or wish to stroke your ego. You're an idealist and prefer to wait until the perfect partner enters your life. And until then you'll pass the time with some of your diverse interests. When you're in a relationship you demand that you're paid the necessary respect. If you're insulted or humiliated you're ready to leave right away.

Flower C

You value your freedom and rarely enter a serious relationship. You love fun and variety way too much, and it's rare to find a fascinating individual to keep you constantly excited and entertained. That's also why you allow yourself to wander off the right path if your partnership starts seeming dull.

Flower D

You feel best when you're in a relationship. Being single for too long just isn't good for you. Your romantic persona needs to constantly give and receive attention. Affectionate and sentimental gestures are your personal specialty. However, sometimes you just smother your partner too much and this leads them to distance themselves.