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Do Cats Have Supernatural Powers?

Do Cats Have Supernatural Powers?

There is no shortage of beliefs when it comes to the supernatural powers of cats. One thing is certain - these animals do possess powers that we humans do not understand. It's been proven that the purring of cats has a therapeutic effect and strengthens the body due to its vibrations. There is now even a new sub branch in medicine - cat therapy. It is said that besides its ability to heal, a cat can also provide an early warning to its owner about an eventual onset of a disease.

For many peoples, the cat is a holy animal. The Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats and would even rescue them before anything else in a fire. In the past many cultures worshiped cats but were also afraid of them, believing that the little felines had a connection not only with the afterlife but with the devil himself.

However, numerous energy therapists believe that a cat would never allow an energy vampire or negative person near their owner. Perhaps that's why some people just can't stand cats, because these animals have the unique ability to detect negative energy. The presence of evil spirits frightens them and makes them aggressive. Cats are sensitive to any change in the energy field.

According to some myths, a cat lives simultaneously in several parallel worlds, has 9 lives and as we all know, has a beneficial effect on health. It is thought that cats can protect the home from disasters.



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