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The Magical Properties of the Broom

Plamena M.Plamena M.
Witch and Broom

In the realm of magic, the broom is most often linked to witches. According to legends, they used their brooms to fly around on. This item truly does possess powerful magical properties. The broom is the symbol of home comfort and family happiness and plays a vital role in protecting it.

There's a broom in every home. The old beliefs go that it needs to be thrown out as soon as it starts to fall apart. If you don't, you're bound to have family conflicts and problems. Throw it out far away from home, so it doesn't attract diseases, disasters and misfortune. Never burn it because if you do you're going to get fleas, termites or other tiny nasties. If you just can't let go of your old broom, then put it in the barn, shed or other building in the backyard. This way you'll also preserve the guardian spirit of the home.

The new broom must not be brought directly into the home. This can lead to problems. Before you take it home you must first sweep near the place you bought it from. Make a wish having to do with your family. If you're not too greedy, it will come true.

A lot of omens are linked to the broom as well. If it unexpectedly falls apart, you're going to have surprises in store for you. Whenever the handle breaks, expect guests. To stop a baby from crying at night, the home needs to be swept with a new broom.

If you brush a young man with a broom, the girls won't like him. If a young lady jumps over a broom, she is going to have a difficult birth. In the old days, fruit trees were brushed with brooms so that they would bring in a rich harvest. Children, in turn, were brushed with a broom at the threshold to drive away demons from them.

To bring prosperity to your home, it's good to sweep from time to time and give your vacuum a break. Always sweep in a direction toward the threshold but never sweep the dirt directly over it.


Gather the dirt in a pile but do not throw it out right away. The spirit of the home follows the broom right behind it. If you throw away the pile you risk throwing it out as well. That is why you should wait half an hour for the spirit to relax and go somewhere else in the home.

The broom is among the objects in the house that have the power to protect it from anything negative. To keep evil away from your home, you're going to need a new broom and 2 new sewing needles. Make a cross from the needles and put them in the broom. Place it at the entrance to your home with the handle pointing facing down. This way it breaks the negative energy apart and does not allow it to enter the home.

Anytime you have nightmares, the broom can help once again. To rid yourself of them, all you need to do is sweep the floor a little bit with a small souvenir broom. Stick a cross of needles in it and place it above your bed. This will keep nightmares far away.