The power and effects of AmuletsThe power and effects of Amulets
10 Sept.
To increase the power of the amulet the objects are usually spread with butter or oil. Stones are the most complex of amulets if considered valuable or profitable , the can be dangerous for health....
The Power of the Placebo EffectThe Power of the Placebo Effect
21 Mar.
The power of the placebo effect remains an unsolved phenomenon. But even so it finds ever wider application in medicine....
Talismans and amulets: meaning and colorsTalismans and amulets: meaning and colors
15 Aug.
It has a stimulating effect and increases your ability to concentrate and think. Yellow symbolizes intellect and power of thought. It is commonly used to help with the need to convince someone in his uprightness....
Amulets for Business and FamilyAmulets for Business and Family
03 May
There are gems that help businesses and protect from spells. Talismans to protect business people are made primarily of precious stones. They can be kept on the desk in the office or anywhere visible, to guard the business...
Healing Power of Dogs and CatsHealing Power of Dogs and Cats
11 Jan.
People who have a dog at home, rarely suffer from high blood pressure. When a man is stroking a dog, especially if that dog is his pet, the rhythm of his heart contraction slows, breathing becomes more equal, the muscles...
The Power of the Subconscious and IntuitionThe Power of the Subconscious and Intuition
19 May
This is the subconscious power of the mind. The power of intuition Einstein relied heavily on his intuition....
Amulets to attract moneyAmulets to attract money
09 Dec.
Another amulet for attracting money is made from 27 dried grapes, which are wrapped in a piece of orange cotton cloth and worn close to the body. Amulets lose power two months after they are made....
The power of numbersThe power of numbers
26 Mar.
Holders of three may have super powers like clairvoyance and magic. These people are active and purposeful. Hey go straight for the goal despite all difficulties....
Effects of MetalsEffects of Metals
12 Jan.
Even at the dawn of alchemy, treatises have been written about the bio energetic properties of metals and their effects on the human body. Gold for example, prolongs life, and helps to increase social status....
Protect Yourself from Black Magic and Evil Powers with Lemons!Protect Yourself from Black Magic and Evil Powers with Lemons!
01 Nov.
Lemons are citrus fruits, known for their anti-inflammatory, toning and strengthening effects....
Notable Individuals who Sold Their Soul to the Devil for Power and FameNotable Individuals who Sold Their Soul to the Devil for Power and Fame
07 Nov.
Five historic figures are suspected by conspiracy theories to have made a deal with the Devil, just like Faust from Goethe's homonymous work. Niccolò Paganini's talent drew a lot of suspicion from his contemporaries...
The Healing Power of MandrakeThe Healing Power of Mandrake
01 Oct.
It is believed that it can shield against spells and can be used to make various amulets to attract money, prevent trouble, etc....
The Devastating Power of EarthquakesThe Devastating Power of Earthquakes
26 June
Earthquakes are perhaps the most dangerous of all natural disasters. Besides the phenomenon itself, they induce other disasters, such as tsunamis. Here are some other facts about earthquakes. Earthquakes are a result...
Power of the Air SignsPower of the Air Signs
31 May
Every zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses. The air signs stand out with their persistence and desire to achieve their goal by any means necessary. This helps them a lot in life and they often achieve everything...
Power of the Water SignsPower of the Water Signs
29 Feb.
They cherish water and seek any and all sorts of contact with it - it is the source of their power. The water signs are ruled over by a very powerful element and their strength is comparable to it....

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