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Amulets for Luck Based on Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Amulets

The secret to success and happiness is one of those great mysteries facing human society. Every person tries to attract luck and benevolent fate to their side using different kinds of talismans that are loaded with positive energy, through thought and ritual. Stores and shops offer us a wide choice of talismans. It seems that it's easier than ever to find a shop offering us a luck talisman.

But its meaning and the influence that it will have on our fate is determined by our zodiac sign. It is advised, when buying an amulet, for it to take our star sign into consideration. Its function is to protect us from all that is negative and bring positive emotions to our lives, by using the influence of the planets.

The strange thing is that with the onset of the period of a particular zodiac sign, the amulet activates its protective powers on everyone, not just the representatives of that sign. What's important is for the amulet to be a gift or to be made by the person themselves.

For Aries - a lighter or hawthorn

The element of Aries is fire, so a lighter can be a wonderful gift for them, as well as a quality amulet. It must have a figure or image depicting a ram, not a sheep, and for it to be made of stainless steel.

If you want to decorate the amulet with stones, rubies and diamonds are the most suitable. If you decide to make it yourself, the morning is the most appropriate time, and after you make it, you need to leave it in the sun for several minutes for it to charge with energy.


Among plants, hawthorn makes the most suitable amulet.

For Taurus - a copper bull or lilac

The bull is the symbol of abundance, while copper is the metal from which demons flee according to beliefs. The stones that protect Taureans are sapphire, agate, opal and emerald. It is not necessary for them to wear their amulets all the time. A lilac branch or painting of it also plays the role of an amulet.

For Gemini - cups, identical objects or daffodils

Everything that has a dual nature can serve as an amulet for Gemini. These can be identical pens or cups - the important thing is for them to be made of silver, decorated with mountain crystals.

The flower that shields Gemini is the daffodil.

For Cancer - a silver bracelet or white flowers


Cancer can be protected by silver jewelry, incrusted with moonstone, emerald or ruby, as well as by a small figurine of a crab. Since the Moon is the patroness of this zodiac sign, it is crucial for the amulet to be made during a full moon and submerged in water.

All types of white flowers act as a guardian for Cancers - lilies, jasmine, honeysuckles and others.

For Leo - a plush toy or peony

Similar to Aries, the element of Leo is fire. So anything that is reminiscent of it is a protector of Leo. His figurine is a lion and any lion plush toy can serve as an amulet for representatives of this sign. The important thing is for it to be golden, since that is the patron color of Leo.

Guardian plants are peony and marigold.

For Virgo - earth and poppy seeds

It is best to obtain this amulet yourself. Since this sign's element is earth, it is therefore earth that is the most effective shield for them. The magic power is enhanced if it is brought from a holy place.

Among flowers, poppy seeds are the most dependable guardian for Virgo.

For Libra - a scale or rose

Libras are signs that love balance and often weighs things, therefore a scale would be the most suitable talisman for them. They are an air sign and any object that leads to air can be used as an amulet - such as balloons, for example.

Their plants are the rose and violet.

For Scorpio - new clothes or chrysanthemums


Every new outfit, loaded with positive emotions, can be a talisman for Scorpios. It is recommended for the clothes to be sexier because the Scorpio is the symbol of seduction.

Peonies, chrysanthemums and carnations are recommended for them.

For Sagittarius - a horseshoe or cornflower

The symbol of this sign is the centaur. A statuette representing this symbol, as well as a horseshoe or a bow and arrows, indispensable attributes of the Sagittarius, serve as an amulet. Their element is fire but not the kind coming from the sun's rays. In their case, they require the fire of a fireplace or even that of an electric heater. The most suitable time for crafts is during the night.

Among plants, Polish flowers are their patrons.

For Capricorn - granite or ivy

Crafting an amulet of this sort is very difficult due to the complex imagery of this zodiac sign. If buying it as a gift, look closely at its construction. It needs to be made of stone, cobblestone, granite, rubble or other types of hard earthly substances, which bring luck to Capricorns.


Ivy, hops and wormwood are the plant-amulets for this sign.

For Aquarius - a lead figurine or fan

This sign's element is the flowing air currents. That is why it is important for the fan or air conditioner you gift them with to work flawlessly. If you prefer a figurine, it is best for it to be made of lead and to depict a container with water flowing out of it, decorated with opals.

For Pisces - fish or wood forget-me-not

The most appropriate pet, that serves as an amulet at the same time for Pisces, is an aquarium with fish. It combines the element of Pisces - water and their sign - the fish themselves. Fish figurines can also be used as amulets. What's crucial is for one of them to be golden and the other silver, decorated with pearls.

The plants that protect Pisces are wood forget-me-not and jasmine.