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The Power and Experience of Our Past Lives

Past lives

As shown on the American Oprah show, researching past lives can solve some of the problems you are facing in this life. But whether past life is reality or not. No one can prove whether past lives are an absolute fact or they are metaphors created by our imagination, but they certainly point the way to solving your problems. And it's worth a try.

For example, let's use the experience shown on Oprah's show on May 14. It featured an undertaker whose problems with his sister took a very positive turn after Dr. Brian Weiss worked on his problem. The man saw the past life events in which he sees his sister as a rape victim, failing to save her. This has led to a big change in his life. The rivalry between them lessened as well as his current life was made easier. He got real results. His life has improved. The experience solved his problems and he was extremely grateful to Oprah and the hypnotist and everyone involved.

The experience of professionals in helping people using past lives, among other equally effective techniques, shows that if nothing else, knowing past lives has a great, positive benefit for every person: it makes people not take their current life so personally. And if you really take your life too personally, reacting violently to everything that happens, past life regression can help you. Right now and today.

Do you dramatize often? Are you constantly fighting with family, friends, neighbors, ex-lovers, or work colleagues? Do other people look down when you enter the room? Then maybe it's time to take a break from your real life soap opera for a bit. Maybe it's time to stop going around in circles and start forgiving. Maybe past life regression is a good solution for you.

Think of past lives as a trip to your personal spiritual library, a search for deep emotional data, a means of obtaining information that will help you understand your situation with greater compassion for all involved. The simple truth is that you may be so overwhelmed with emotions every day that you can't answer basic questions like why your life is the way it is.


As seen on the Oprah show, the hypnotist never tells you where you are or when it happened, you do. Hypnotists never fill in your memory blanks, they only listen and ask for greater details. You are responsible for your session. They just help you get to the answers you're looking for. Many hypnotists' clients do not initially believe that past lives exist, but spontaneously experience just that, a past life after being instructed to find the source of their problem. And this happens without mentioning a past life earlier in the conversation. Shocking, yes, but quite true.

You can get the answers you're looking for in just a few sessions, maybe just one. Consider visiting a few of your past lives. As Dr. Oz has observed, it just might improve your current life.

Signs You've Had Past Lives

Those who believe in reincarnation claim that there are some signs that can tell you that you had a previous life.

Getting deja vu

They are with you everywhere. You are traveling somewhere for the first time, but you already have the feeling that you have seen this place before. Be it in a dream or somewhere else. You meet a new person who, in theory, is completely unknown to you, but you have the feeling that you have already met. Or even feeling close to a stranger. With deja vu, you constantly recognize certain places, people and situations, even though you cannot give a logical explanation as to why this happens.


Phobias are related to our past lives

Everyone has some kind of fear, but your phobias are completely inexplicable. Some people suffer from phobias that are very difficult to explain: how can you be afraid of water, numbers, mirrors, certain colors or butterflies? They do not pose a direct danger to humans. The most bizarre phobias are often attributed to traumatic experiences in our past life.

You have a strong attraction to foreign cultures

Although neither their job nor their academic education requires it, some people are inexplicably fascinated by foreign cultures. For example, what should a bank clerk do with Sanskrit or Greek mythology? Moreover, these people also have a strange sense of familiarity when they come into contact with any element of that foreign culture to which they are strongly attracted. Here is another sign that they have had a previous life and were part of that culture.


Birthmarks are something that is widespread in many people. In many cultures, they are associated with a number of legends and beliefs. According to people who believe in reincarnation and past lives, a person's birthmark has a connection to how they died in their previous existence on Earth.

According to clairvoyants and healers, specialists in past life research, human souls go through different reincarnations to gain valuable experience and correct old mistakes. After each subsequent reincarnation, we are wiser, more balanced and calmer.

It is said that one can easily recognize a person who has passed through many births and one who is new to this world. Regardless of age, the former will act very wisely, always seeking truth, love and understanding. They will not waste their energy on small talk and arguments. They will have a pure heart and will always fight for the good of all.