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Healing Power of Dogs and Cats

Nina NordNina Nord

People who have a dog at home, rarely suffer from high blood pressure. When a man is stroking a dog, especially if that dog is his pet, the rhythm of his heart contraction slows, breathing becomes more equal, the muscles relax.

These parameters are close to the indicators that a person has, when reading a book in a state of complete rest. Perhaps for this reason owners of dogs who have experienced heart attacks, survive ninety-four percent of cases.

Lately, more often are reported cases of children who suffer from high blood pressure. In adults, sudden jumps in blood pressure increase the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases.

Just the presence of a dog at home can prevent such health problems. Dogs relieve people who suffer from anxiety and nerves.


Companion dogs work well for people who suffer from various mental illnesses. These animals feel physical changes that take place in the body of a lunatic, for example, and warn his master about the coming of the attack, and may even bring him medicine.

All this is due to the fact that many dogs emit positive energy. This is because all processes in the body they happen very quickly.

If you are ravaged by work and you are tired, just sleep an hour or two by your dog, and you'll wake up, full of strength and willingness to work. In the saliva of dogs is contained the enzyme lysozyme, which destroys the lining of the bacterial cells.

Cats do heal, thanks to electric pulses with low frequency. Man stroking a cat gets her hair rubbing, and as a result creates a magnetic field.

It has long been known that the current affecting inflammation, kills germs and helps to strengthen the tissues and improve blood flow.

The therapy of stroking a cat works best for inflamed joints and gynecological diseases. Cats also treat with ultrasound. Sounds with a frequency of 27 hertz to 44 - this is the range in which cats purr – has a favorable influence on the nervous system.

These sounds improve cerebral blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, heart rate is stabilized. In addition they aid in strengthening bones, which is especially important for women after menopause.