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The Power of the Subconscious and Intuition


What does power of the subconscious mean? This may be something as simple as smiling automatically when you meet someone, thereby improving your chances of getting what you want from that person.

It may be the way in which you subconsciously approach a given problem and solve it. Essentially, it is the power that comes from the good planning of your consciousness.

How do you program your conscious in order to have a more powerful subconscious? Consciously, step by step. First you learn a new technique or "program" and you use it consciously until it becomes automatic - a subconscious habit. Here are a few examples of this.

Use the power of the subconscious in order to develop your speaking abilities


Speak to people at the same speed at which they are speaking and you will make them feel more comfortable with you. Mimic their way of expression and body posture and they will feel you more close.

There are tens of simple techniques, such as the ones salesmen use to feel good with their clients. They practice in all areas of life, not just the sale of a given product.

Of course, you will most likely become confused if you try to remember and use tens of these techniques when you meet someone. You may even end up irritating the person. To make the entire process go more smoothly, learn 1 or 2 techniques simultaneously, until they become automatic.

At that point, begin to work on the next technique. Soon enough you will subconsciously do what needs to be done, in order to have a good understanding with the people you meet. This is the subconscious power of the mind.

The power of intuition


Einstein relied heavily on his intuition. Garry Kasparov can beat the greatest chess computers, even though the computer calculates the positions many moves ahead. The chess master's experience allows him to combine analysis with the "feeling" of which move is best. This is a good example of the power of intuition.

Your knowledge, skills and experience determine the potential effectiveness of your intuition. A weak chess player will never beat the computer solely based on intuition. Being in possession of "good" information in your mind is the first important part of intuition.

Even so, to be able to regularly take advantage of the power of your intuitive mind, you need to encourage it. Begin with observations. Stop yourself after solving a given problem and note all feelings and sensations.

Make a note to yourself when your hunches are good and when they appear to simply be random feelings. Do this until the entire process becomes a habit, this way you will begin to gain more intuition.

The key to the subconscious power of the mind

These 2 examples are enough to understand how to take advantage of the programming of your mind. Even learning how to regularly ask a simple question, such as, "How can I best make use of my time at the moment, " can be quite beneficial.

The key is simply to find a technique that works, that you consciously use, and then to use it daily (even if you have to set an alarm to remind you), until it becomes an instinctive habit. This is how you can develop the power of your subconscious mind.