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The Unsuspected Power of Laughter

The Unsuspected Power of Laughter

The good side of life includes a lot of things that are said to be either wrong, immoral, or lead to gaining weight. Everyone can point to at least a few examples of pleasant but harmful habits. There is, however, one notable exception. It is called laughter. Laughter is a universal medicine, has no negative side effects and can be administered frequently and in large doses. A number of experiments have been done over the years on the effects of laughter and it is believed to be able to reprogram the brain and help you have a positive attitude towards life.

In the following article, have a look at the power of laughter and some of the effects you didn't even suspect it had. Hurry up and read about the unsuspected power of laughter and then be sure to laugh.

An infectious genuine laugh, even a slight smile, relieves a person of many physical and emotional problems. We can literally wipe them out with laughter. The most pleasant way to get rid of the burdens of life is to laugh at them, that's for sure.

Here's how it works. During laughter chemical reactions occur in the body that improve not only emotional but also physical health. These benefits piqued the interest of the scientific community and as a result gelotology, the science of laughter, emerged. Placing this phenomenon on a scientific basis gives more and more evidence that laughter is healing and this property is increasingly used in alternative and also in traditional medicine.

There is already a new profession - medical clown. The services of these modern health workers are used by more and more hospitals where traditional treatment is carried out, and this therapy is supportive.

What health benefits can we get from laughing?

Power of Laughter

It is the most natural, pleasant and mild pain reliever without any side effects. It releases a powerful flow of endorphins.

Happiness hormones are powerful painkillers that our own body synthesizes. Ten minutes of laughter calmly replaces strong painkillers thanks to endorphins. Happiness hormones reduce the stress hormone cortisol and help calm the nervous system.

Laughter has an anti-stress effect. All studies have shown that laughter therapy reduces cortisol levels in the blood. The stress hormone drops by 70 percent if we counteract it laughter. Concentration and cognitive functions are also strengthened because laughter is energising and creates a cheerful mood.

Perhaps the best antidepressant is natural and it's called laughter. The risk of depression in people who laugh often and are constantly smiling is minimized.

Laughter is a good therapeutic procedure for regulating blood pressure. Regular laughter acts on the blood vessels, it dilates them. Since cortisol also decreases with laughter, in the long run the blood level is regulated to normal limits. An interesting fact is that initially the blood level increases, but then the vessels expand and the effect is long-lasting.

Deep breathing combined with loud laughter improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood. Laughter reduces inflammation in the arteries and increases levels of good cholesterol. By themselves, these factors are a prerequisite for reducing the risk of stroke and various cardiovascular diseases.

The immunostimulating role of laughter is an indisputable fact. It is explained by stimulation of endorphins and other hormones that produce immunoglobulin. This is how it boosts the immune system, especially locally around the upper respiratory tract.

Laughter Day

As a therapeutic tool, laughter is invaluable and everyone has the ability to quickly and easily obtain this wonderful natural antidepressant that makes us happy.

It is believed that laughter burns calories. This is explained by the fact that during active laughter the heart rate increases and as a result the body begins to burn more calories. Another very pleasant reason to laugh more often.

Laughter helps with a severe headache. Just a few minutes of genuine laughter reduces headaches and improves the mood. Laughter shared with friends helps release endorphins and even has anti-allergy properties. A study was conducted that showed that people with headaches and the discomfort caused by them felt much better after listening to a few funny stories.

Frequent laughter is a universal means of improving personal satisfaction. It can help to cope in difficult situations and perform better in stressful moments. Don't let a day go by without laughing sincerely and you will see how your worldview changes and you will be happier and calmer.

The benefits listed above are only a small part of the effects that laughter brings to the human body. Relax your senses and give it a try to enjoy the things in life more often and especially what is happening around you. Be positive and smile, spread happiness and positivity, good feelings are contagious. Do things that bring you satisfaction and don't let a day pass without a hearty laugh.