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The power of numbers

The power of numbers

Numerology is the science of research and analysis of the mystical influence of numbers on people. Each number has its own vibration, which means it has its own characteristics and influence.

It was Pythagoras, who said that the world is built on the strength of numbers. The entire universe is composed based on mathematical models and everything can be expressed by numbers.

The interpretation of the numbers appeared before the emergence of geometry and astrology. Kabbalah has also relied on numerology to determine the fate and character of the individual. Numerology is based on numbers from 1 to 9. All numbers above 9 may be reduced to single digits through addition. To determine which number is yours, just make a sum of the date, month and year of your birth.

The number one characterizes a person who is full of energy and will act decisively. This man believes in his own strengths and capabilities, is extremely emotional and active. The number one symbolizes intelligence and strength of character.

Two is famous for its mild character and tact. People with two, seek compromise and the smoothing of acute problems. The internal contradictions of these people often interfere in their work. Two is between light and darkness, good and evil. Holders of this number have variable personas and are capable of pulling people into their ideas.

The number three is a symbol of a sharp intellect and intuition, easy learning. Holders of three may have super powers like clairvoyance and magic. These people are active and purposeful. Hey go straight for the goal despite all difficulties.

Four is a symbol of an industrious and well-balanced nature. This person avoids risky actions. Four means security, integrity and reliability. These people are workaholics and great partners. At the same time, they have support for their family and friends.

Five is the number for people who are filled with enthusiasm and passion for risky actions. It makes them seem all mysterious and unknown, they like to be provocative. They can also be great at managing people. You could say that the members of five move the mechanisms of development and the understanding of everything new.

Six is a symbol of peace and stability. These people are honest and fair. They are safe and know not foolishness. They have discernment and wisdom. They can distinguish good from evil and have the opportunity to earn a lot of money.

Seven is a lucky number. It represents wisdom and sacred knowledge. People with this number are diligent and sometimes have a poetic soul. Under the sign of this number are born composers, philosophers, poets and thinkers. This is the most enigmatic digit, and its owners are emotional and talented.

The number eight is a symbol of faith and strong character. The difficulties in the way of such people, only increases their energy. Eight is a symbol of administrative ability, ability to lead a team. These people want to conquer peaks, while at the same time have an obsession with the details.

Nine means a unique mind and even clairvoyance . These are people with a brilliant mind, intended to generate new knowledge. Such people require devotion to a high end, they can be leaders. They have a very strong character and logical thinking.