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Effects of Metals

Nina NordNina Nord
Gold Rings

People love metal - jewelry, fashion accessories, original figures, beautiful dishes... But few of us reflect on the impact of metals on our fate.

Even at the dawn of alchemy, treatises have been written about the bio energetic properties of metals and their effects on the human body. Gold for example, prolongs life, and helps to increase social status.

Gold soothes. If stressed, wear a gold chain with a large medallion. Gold warms energy, so it is used for wedding rings, to avoid feelings cooling down.

From a medical point of view, the gold ring on the ring finger works well on the heart. Gold rings on fingers protect against rheumatism.


Silver helps with heart disease, diseases of the stomach, calms the nervous system, and has disinfectant properties. Eat in silver, with silverware.

Silver takes energy hits on itself. Each ornament of silver will protect you from jinxes and magic. Copper creates harmony between man and nature.

If you have blood pressure problems, wear your copper bracelet on a wrist or elbow. This will protect you from magnetic storms and melt away your headaches.

Copper helps bumps and bruises, but if you attach it on your back, it will help you with radiculitis. Feet on copper coins treat varicose veins.

Platinum brings health and happiness to its owner, thanks to its powerful bio field. Iron absorbs energy. Too much iron accessories provoke trouble.

A lead ring helps slimming. Lead remembers bad things, so why not buy tin rings in antique shops. Bronze can give energy to someone who has no one.