Amulets to attract money

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Amulets to attract money

To create an amulet to attract money, get 27 seeds of pumpkin, wrap them in a piece of red cotton cloth and wear them close to your body.

Another amulet for attracting money is made from 27 dried grapes, which are wrapped in a piece of orange cotton cloth and worn close to the body.

Amulets lose power two months after they are made. Then you have to restart. The amulet is something that fills you with the necessary energy to attract a certain thing.

Make an amulet to attract money. On Thursday, after sunset, and in high winds, separate yourself and with the same match, light first a green, then a red candle. Place them in the center of the table.

Bow in all directions. Rub your palms into each other until they feel hot, and turn to face the candles.

Say: "From day to day and from week to week, year after year, now and forever to multiply my wealth! " Then, take a magnet that you have kept three days underground, then for three hours - under running water .

Cover it with powdered colors of jasmine. Put this magnet in a deep bowl and place it to the left of the candles. The magnet must be crossed on top with a rosemary twig, cypress, basil and anise. With red and green thread, twisted together, wrap the magnet thirteen times with those twigs.

Tie the ends of the rope with six knots. When the candles go out alone, cover the plate with a square piece of red cloth and hide in the eastern part of the house for three days.

Then the red fabric is used to saw a small pouch and the magnet and twigs are put in it. The pouch is tied with yellow thread. This charm is attached to the upper left corner of the door from the inside.

The amulet is effective for six months, then it must be burned in a secret place. The magnet is used to create a new one. You should not tell anyone that it's an amulet. Otherwise it will spoil the effects.