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The power and effects of Amulets

The power and effects of Amulets

According to the dictionary Amulets are items that are carried intently to carry happiness or prevent happiness. Amulets are small tightly laced pieces of leather or red cord leather bags worn by sorcerers or exorcists around the neck or waist.

They can also be left hanging on a tree on the land wear one works or left in the home.

It is believed that the Amulet is most powerful when placed in the bedroom. If it is deliberately placed to provoke evil it is believe to bring death! The reason is because the general perception is that when one sleeps they become totally defenseless unless one carries articles which prevent negative influence.

The amulet is placed in the spot at which one must pass to bear its force. The amulets contains one, three, five, seven, nine or thirteen subjects to provoke the spell.

They are; Gems, Herbs, sulfur powder, pins, needles, rabbit feet, magnet, scarab beetle, shoes, cut nails, photography, hair, dice or counterfeit coins.

To increase the power of the amulet the objects are usually spread with butter or oil.

Stones are the most complex of amulets if considered valuable or profitable , the can be dangerous for health.

Herbs when used as Amulets have properties opposite to the curative action.

Carnations hanging on ones neck, support friendship. Lavender supports sexual energy while magnolias support family happiness.

The strongest of Amulets which serve black magic and witches cause irreparable misfortune and the most severe diseases. Often supported by the piece of a bats wing or ear of an bat these curses can only be stopped if you take the action to collect dust from the cemetery or from a coffin.

The power and effects of Amulets

The classical amulets are considered as needles and pins, sulfur and acacia, these are the most valued by experienced magicians and witches.