Yellow candles help with loveYellow candles help with love
06 Jan.
harmony with your partner, sometimes light a yellow candle and thus, it becomes faster and easier to get what you want from them. Yellow candles fill people with optimism and joy. It is good to light yellow candles in...
Strongest love spellsStrongest love spells
15 Dec.
dolls that resemble the shape of the man, to whom the spell is targeted. Often in love potions, charms and spells are used components to make the connection with their addressees even stronger such as a hair of a man...
How to Cast a Love SpellHow to Cast a Love Spell
24 Feb.
Spells for love can be found in almost all ancient mythologies and beliefs. They fall into the category of white magic since they are often done with a pure heart and positive energy. Even though passed...
The flowers have magical powers in love spellsThe flowers have magical powers in love spells
10 Oct.
get rid of the annoying admirer. If you decorate with hyacinth, iris, lily, rose or violet at home, rest assured that there will be peace, love and understanding. You should never shorten lily of the valley on...
Love Divination with ApplesLove Divination with Apples
04 Nov.
have been a symbol of the goddess of love for many peoples. That is why the apple gives the most accurate answer to the question of whether a person loves you or does not have strong feelings toward you. In order...
Love Divination with CardsLove Divination with Cards
21 July
, girlfriend or lover. A king of clubs - a married or divorced man, ace of clubs - a house. A 6 of hearts - travel awaits you. A 7 and 8 - tense discussions and meetings. A 9 - a love meeting with a single man. A 10...
Another Method for Love Divination with CardsAnother Method for Love Divination with Cards
29 July
It is believed that divination using regular playing cards very accurately shows when you will fall in love and what your upcoming relationship will be like. With a simple prognosis, you can determine the type of...
Crystals with Which to Attract LoveCrystals with Which to Attract Love
10 July
. These crystals possess a specific vibration that will help you heal your past emotional traumas and fill your life with love and warmth. You can wear them as jewelry or place them as an accessory in your home...
Attract your Partner with Chinese Love MagicAttract your Partner with Chinese Love Magic
28 May
turquoise, a red piece of cloth and 1 red candle. This love magic spell has been popular in China from the time of the Yuan dynasty (13th - 14th century). Buy a turquoise necklace (the stone has a powerful love...
Bath with dill for magic of loveBath with dill for magic of love
25 Apr.
If you want to lure a man into your bed for love or for fun then do magic with dill. Although we are accustomed to seeing dill in salads and dishes, dill has a powerful force for unleashing energy. To attract love...
Magic Ritual for Attracting Love with a TubeMagic Ritual for Attracting Love with a Tube
16 Feb.
Magic rituals for love and attraction are some of the most difficult to execute but also the most effective. The ritual that uses a magic tube promises the best results, as it is the most potent and enduring...
Divination with Socks Reveals What you can Expect in LoveDivination with Socks Reveals What you can Expect in Love
12 June
If you'd like to find out what's waiting for you in love, you can perform divination with socks. The ritual is a simple one and all you need is 3 pairs of socks - white, black and colorful ones. To perform this...
Scientists: a Person Can Fall in Love with a RobotScientists: a Person Can Fall in Love with a Robot
27 Nov.
At the beginning of the year, the movie Ex Machina, where a computer programmer falls in love with a droid, won the hearts of critics as well as audiences. A new study reveals that the romance played out on the...
Easy Love Magic with a Key! To Make him Yours ForeverEasy Love Magic with a Key! To Make him Yours Forever
22 Dec.
of an amulet bringing happiness, good health and love. One of the most famous spells in the occult world is a love spell, which is performed using a key. It is exceptionally simple and can be done right at home...
Love PotionsLove Potions
20 Sept.
want to know if someone loves you, you need to pluck petals from a blooming chamomile. If you pick a few chamomile flowers - a handful are enough - they will aid you in making love potions. They must be plucked at...

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