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Yellow candles help with love

Nina NordNina Nord

It is known that the doctrine of Feng Shui is based on the properties of the four elements. All are equally important, but perhaps the strongest is that of fire.

Candles are good helpers that help not only to adorn the interior of the house, but also clear the house of negative energy.

They remove the bad energy that is stagnant in the corners and inaccessible places. Aromatic candles can be used not only to clear the premises, but also to impart a pleasant fragrance.

Floating candles are good for meditation and relaxation. The color of the candle and its shape play important parts. Each color has a different effect on people.

You need to know for what purpose you need these candles and what you want to achieve. For example, yellow candles symbolize the earth element and are used to strengthen marriages and love relationships.

Yellow candles help with love

If you want to be in harmony with your partner, sometimes light a yellow candle and thus, it becomes faster and easier to get what you want from them.

Yellow candles fill people with optimism and joy. It is good to light yellow candles in your home when you host many of your friends.

Green candles symbolize health, harmony and tranquility. If you want your home to have everything in abundance, light a candle with this color.

Red candles are a symbol of fire. It will help you win glory and rise faster in the career ladder.

You must be careful not to kindle too often. You should never kindle red in your bedroom because you feel tense.

The white color of the candle is interesting in that it symbolizes opposites. On the one hand the white candle symbolizes the sky, helping people from different professions, but especially for teachers.

It helps many to easily achieve the goals. On the other hand this candle symbolizes the lake and gives people joy. If a barren woman often lights white candles, she will soon conceive.

Orange candles symbolize three things: mountains and therefore give you wisdom and peace, the sun and therefore attract fame and success, and the third matter is that it helps in your career.

Purple candles are suitable for meditation. Pink candles will help in love and romantic relationships. If you feel tired and need a calm atmosphere, light a blue candle.