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Excess Sleep is Dangerous as WellExcess Sleep is Dangerous as Well
04 July
Francesco Coluccio, proclaims that getting enough sleep in adulthood prevents memory loss and dementia. "Sleep is important for good physical and mental health....
Don't Sleep Over Intersecting Hartmann LinesDon't Sleep Over Intersecting Hartmann Lines
28 June
It is most unhealthy to sleep in areas where the so-called Hartmann lines intersect....
Sleep Helps us Remember New InformationSleep Helps us Remember New Information
15 Apr.
Study of the brain waves of the volunteers during sleep showed that deep sleep, much more than REM sleep or light sleep, helped in taking in new information....
Reasons for Insomnia and Troubled SleepReasons for Insomnia and Troubled Sleep
20 Mar.
When it first appears, paradoxical sleep is not continuous - only 9 min. - the shortest out of all sleep cycles....
Why do We Sleep on Pillows?Why do We Sleep on Pillows?
10 Nov.
If you sleep on your side or on your stomach, you need an appropriate anatomical model. Choosing the right pillow contributes to getting proper rest and quality sleep....
Quality Sleep Comes Easy with These Tips!Quality Sleep Comes Easy with These Tips!
10 Dec.
With just a few tricks we'll learn how to sleep better and be in a good mood each and every day. The room we sleep in is of utmost importance to a quality sleep....
Scientists Discover the Secret to Deep SleepScientists Discover the Secret to Deep Sleep
02 Aug.
Some scientific theories claim that quality sleep is directly related to memories, while according to others, sleep has a stronger connection to IQ....
Sleep disorders are from antiquity until todaySleep disorders are from antiquity until today
05 Mar.
Lunatics meaning people who sleep walk, or sleepwalkers are known since antiquity....
Little sleep and exhaustion lead to diabetesLittle sleep and exhaustion lead to diabetes
20 Feb.
enough to reduce glucose levels in the blood....
Still not really clear why we sleepStill not really clear why we sleep
22 Jan.
There are two phases of sleep, in which the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids, and the other which do not move quickly....
While we sleep, we scan information fieldsWhile we sleep, we scan information fields
08 Dec.
According to British neurologists what happens to the brain of a person during sleep, is close to the computer. The brain processes information gathered during the day and it joins with that which is in memory....
An Aquarium in the Bedroom Disrupts SleepAn Aquarium in the Bedroom Disrupts Sleep
17 Apr.
This disrupts the energy of your sleep and you may suffer from insomnia....
A Man Went 18 Days Without SleepA Man Went 18 Days Without Sleep
16 Apr.
A person dreams in all phases of sleep but cannot remember every dream. In the slow wave sleep phase, dreams are more like deep thoughts, while those in REM sleep are quick and illogical....
Diseases Send us Signals While We SleepDiseases Send us Signals While We Sleep
18 Mar.
For example, you do not get enough sleep and because of stress and being overworked, you are on the edge of a nervous breakdown....
How to Hypnotize SomeoneHow to Hypnotize Someone
06 Jan.
Suggestion, used by hypnotists, can also be used by people without much experience, thanks to tried methods. The best of these is the technique of leading a conversation. The secret is to carry out the conversation in...

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