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How to Protect Ourselves from Malicious People


No doubt, nearly everyone crosses paths with malicious people on a daily basis. Even if you don't know them personally, they can make you feel truly awful. This may be because of jealousy or envy on their part.

We've all heard a lot about energy vampires. There exist a number of methods for shielding ourselves from those who would feed off of others' energies. However, the world is so diverse that there's no one-size-fits-all solution for guarding against ill-intentioned persons.

Throughout human history, people have tried using all kinds of amulets, talismans and charms to protect themselves from the envious eyes of others. One particularly effective and popular amulet owes its origins to Tibet. It is called the "Warrior".

Cut out any image of a warrior, glue it to a metal plate (or other type of hard surface) and always carry it with you. Occasionally, place your talisman by the window so that the sun's rays shine on it - these will charge its defensive attributes.

You may have seen that many pregnant women, and others, tie a thin red thread around their wrist. It's even more common to find a small baby with this type of wristband.

Red Thread

The superstition about red threads is so old that it's not fully clear how it began. In the past, people would tie it to protect loved ones from diseases, to ward off evil spirits and counteract black magic.

Red thread is also typically tied on to individuals whose beauty, successes and happiness may cause jealousy in others. Some believe that this charm shields against deceivers, envious people and the evil eye. It is also said that blue, gray and green eyes give off energies that can have a negative effect on the person they're looking at.

The Kabbalah school of thought also trusts in the power of red thread. According to its followers, it is a strong energy current, capable of affecting the fate of a person and helping them in their undertakings. The Kabbalah also claims that red thread protects its wearer from evil.

Another excellent way of protecting oneself from wicked people and negative energy is to use black tourmaline. The stone needs to not have been drilled, then put in a casing and worn on the left side of the body, either in the form of jewelry, a ring or bracelet on the left hand or simply kept in the left pocket.