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Hypnosis During Sleep

hypnosis during sleep

Hypnosis is a condition in which a person falls into a trance. Then it’s susceptibility to suggestion, as well as tranquility and imagination are enhanced. This state is not like sleep, because the subject is alert the whole time. It is rather compared with dreaming, or feeling of being lost and an immersive story book or movie. The subject is fully conscious, but is disconnected from everything around him at the time of hypnotizing.

But what happens if you fall asleep during hypnosis? Would it work then?

Our subconscious is triggered during sleep, and we react to hearing sounds. This means that hypnosis can affect you even when you sleep. But the effect will not be as strong, if you really sleep because sleep and hypnosis are two different conditions.

We will compare them with running and driving a car. The only similarity between running and driving a car is that you are moving. But the purpose of the two actions are completely different.

hypnotic states

So if your goal is to lose weight, burn calories, would you run to burn them, or drive? Driving wouldn’t help, or at least- very little. To achieve your goal, it is to reasonable to start running instead of driving a car. How does this relate to hypnosis?

The thought that you will benefit from hypnosis and sleep is the same as thinking that while driving a car, you atr doing exercise and burning calories.

The states of sleep and hypnosis are different states of the brain, they serve different purposes. In other words, hypnosis requires your active participation.

Can we learn new material during sleep?

Very often disclose that we hear while we sleep is easy to learn. Imagine that while you sleep, a tape of the material passes before your eyes and wake up in the morning with the material in your memory. Unfortunately, laboratory data suggests that although sensory information may be processed during sleep, when you wake up to the sound of the alarm or a crying baby, we do not hold the information in advance in our brain and we can not recall it.

Based on EEG records, it was found that some people have retained information from their sleep because they were actually awake while listening to the material.


For hypnosis to be effective, there are several things that must be considered in understanding how the mind works:

Whatever change you want in your life, you must change the belief within you at a deep level, on a subconscious level.

The subconscious mind does not respond to the literal meaning of the words. The subconscious mind reacts to the images and feelings that these words are connected to. When you hear the words money, health, love, relationships, etc., you quickly formulate a feeling, you consciously hear it, and it is this feeling or image that "speaks" the subconscious.

It really does not matter whether or not you feel deeply hypnotized. What matters is that you focus on the session of said hypnosis.

Also, you may notice that your mind is asleep and it's good because it does not distract from the external environment. When you notice that you are thinking of something else about something else, just carefully aim your thoughts to the session again.

Hypnosis is like exercise and vitamins for your mind. Hypnosis is an effective tool when used properly, to make any change that can be imagined. It is simple, but needs your concentration, desire and dedication.