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Secrets of sleep

Secrets of sleep

When we have a more hectic and busy day it influences our sleep. According to some studies one-third of the adult population on the planet has serious problems with this vital process.

We sleep normally for about 8.5 hours per day. However with increasing age, these hours decrease.

Secrets of sleep

Sleep is required for the rebuilding of the tension stress, also exercise during the day aids in this process too. But too often we sacrifice something for those hours, working, meeting, party or just an interesting movie on TV.

As a result of which, allegedly without cause, we become apathetic, meaning we are constantly tired and this in turn affects our health and the immune system.

Some of us are trying to catch up with sleep at the weekend. But as a result of being in bed for a prolonged time on a Sunday morning, we then have difficulty sleeping at night and the next morning we begin another week with less sleep.

Here are some ways in which to try to improve your sleep:

° Try going to bed and getting up at exactly the same time even on weekends.

° Do not go to bed until you are sleepy.

° Do not fall asleep at the TV.

° Give yourself time to relax before bedtime. Television is the best choice for this. Ignore all the daily problems. Turn off the lights, listen to music.

° Avoid late night coffee. Drink tea which has a relaxing and soothing effect.

° Create a sleep ritual. So your body will start to feel that they are invited to sleep. For example: every night you take a bath, then pamper your body with soothing and moisturizing lotions.

° rid of computers and televisions near your bed. However, the bedroom is a place for only two things sleep and sex.