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Synastry or How to Find the Perfect Partner According to Astrology

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Synastry is the method in astrology that determines whether a love connection will have a future and what kind it will be. Based on the positions of the planets, astrologers say that they can accurately determine whether a certain person is the perfect partner for you.

The partner horoscope, as synastry is also called, is determined by using the date and hour of birth of the 2 partners. This allows to determine which sign and which house the planets were positioned in when they were born.

For love, astrology requires the position of the Sun and Mars for the woman and position of the Moon and Venus for the man in order to find out how compatible the 2 partners are.

It is believed that the signs or sign in which the Sun and Mars fall into in the individual horoscope for women describe the characteristics of the perfect partner for them. If it's in Aries - they are looking for an independent and active man, while if it's in Taurus - a stay-at-home and refined culinary artist type of guy.

In the same way, the positions of the Moon and Venus in the horoscope of the man describe the qualities of the ideal partner for them.


If the Sun and Moon or the Sun and Venus of the 2 partners fall into the same sign, this is a classic match-up, showing that the relationship between the 2 partners will be harmonious.

If the Sun of the woman and Venus of the man correspond to one and the same zodiac sign, her character is ideal for him. If the Sun of the woman is the same as the Moon of the man, he perceives her image as that of his mother.

If the Sun and Mars of the 2 partners correspond to the same sign, this is evidence that they won't come across any problems in the sexual aspect either. Their relationship will see plenty of passion and physical attraction may even result from the very 1st moment.

Sexual compatibility can also be induced when the Moon of the man's horoscope corresponds with Mars in the woman's horoscope.

When Mars of one partner matches the sign of Venus in the other we see a truly powerful attraction - a fierce and passionate mutual desire and excellent sexual compatibility.