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How to Protect Ourselves from Evil Eyes?

Evil eyes

It happens to everyone at one point or another in life to come into contact with people with a nasty look who intentionally or unintentionally want to harm you or transfer their negative energy onto you.

After meeting such a person, it is best to do a cleansing ritual. If they visited you, take a candle and light it. Make three circular motions in each corner of the room where your guest was. Do the same in front of the front door of your home.

Another thing that will help you is to make mint tea or rowan tea. Dilute the potion in 7 liters of water and use it to wash the floor of the room where your negative guest was, pay the most attention to the hall and wipe it the best.

If you know in advance that you are about to meet a person who is unpleasant, take measures for self-defense. Sit with your legs and arms together and mentally create an impenetrable wall around you against negative influences and evil eyes. Be calm and believe in your inner strength.

After a meeting a person with a nasty look, who may pass on their negative energy onto you, resort to the most tried and tested remedy - water. It has a strong cleansing effect. Take a cold shower.

Mountain crystal against evil eyes

A brilliant or mountain crystal can protect you from evil eyes. Carry a sharp object such as a brooch, some kind of sharp clasp, or stick a pin in your hem.

It is good to carry mustard or wheat grain. Put it in your pocket or sew it into your hem. Change it every month or so, discard the old one in water.

Beware, because when someone has been affected by evil eyes, they can get sick and have a lot of misfortune. Be careful with people you know have such eyes. Most often, blue and green eyes are associated with evil. Also avoid people with two different colored eyes, ones that are too sunken or have different sized eyes.

Carry amulets with you in the shape of a frog's eye, blue beads, something resembling an iris or red thread.

The red thread is considered feng shui and a powerful energy object - one of the strongest for protection against negative energy and evil eyes. It protects against evil spirits, attracts luck and can even build an invisible shield around the owner and protect them from envy and bad thoughts.

Salt has long been known to ward off negative energy and is therefore used in rituals. To protect yourself from the evil eye, make small bags of natural materials and pour a spoonful of salt into them. Scatter the bags in different places - in the car, in the desk drawer, in the bag, in the kitchen. Unlike many other amulets, salt can be used in combination with other talismans for protection without reducing its effect.

The cross is a universal amulet that protects not only from evil eyes, but also from any evil. However, it can only help a believer. It should not be taken for another pendant, but for something very personal and valuable. The cross should be worn by only one person, it should not be given to anyone or replaced. It does not matter what material it is made of, but it is good to be consecrated in a church.

Silver jewelry is an excellent for protection against negative energy and evil eyes. It is characteristic of silver that it has the ability to block any external negative energy. Although such a powerful amulet, silver should be used with caution as it is not compatible with other precious metals. Its combination with gold is absolutely forbidden, because it not only does not protect against evil eyes, but even creates a serious energy imbalance, which can affect the owner very badly.

For many years it has been believed that the safety pin is an extremely powerful amulet not only against evil eyes but also against severe curses. In order for its effect to be even stronger, it is best to consecrate it in a church. A safety pin can protect, but only if it is stuck on a garment. It does not need to be worn at home, but only when going out or meeting negative people.

Cold shower against evil eyes

After a meeting with an unpleasant person who was a guest at your home, purification with the help of a candle is recommended. Take one candle and make three circles in each corner of the room. The same ritual is done at the front door to remove any residual energy.

Choose one of the above evil eye amulets and always carry it with you. However, it alone is not enough to protect you from the negativity around you. Try to be smile more and be positive even in difficult situations, ignore the small daily setbacks and transfer your consciousness to a level where you are not impressed by every word spoken.

When you get home, wash your eyes and relieve the built-up tension of the day by relaxing, meditating and doing pleasant activities in the company of loved ones. If you're feeling really run down, take a shower. Water has purifying properties, washes away everything unpleasant and bad, gets rid of headaches and tension. The colder the water, the stronger its healing effect. Of course, don't make yourself uncomfortable and don't take an ice cold shower.