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Dream of dancing classDream of dancing class
07 June
I Dreamt That.... me, my friends and our mums and sisters were at a shopping centre when we realised dancing was going to start so we raced to the dancing hall and found it being used by the church so me went my place...
Dream about inventionDream about invention
25 Apr.
My husband invented something, Everyone was telling me he was going to make alot of money. When I would ask them or my husband what it was no one would tell me, they would smile and walk away. As I got more frustrated I...
A dream of watersA dream of waters
06 Jan.
On saturday I woke up very scared. I saw my face in a dream looking very dissappointing. It looked as if it was struck by a small meteorite or asteroid. I had two outward wounds on my left side of my face. Getting even...
Ouija Board DreamOuija Board Dream
07 July
It started when I was at this weird creepy garden, a person was in front of me, sitting on the cold hard dirt. The garden was obviously not taken care as there was plants growing randomly out of the ground. It was dark...
Home Alone DreamHome Alone Dream
05 Aug.
So i was in the kitchen of my house my parents were gone and my grandma was in her room folding clothes. I heard a shallow voice say allie. . . i was confused so i headed towards my grandmas room and my brother showed up...
A Japanese Technique with Fingers to Calm YourselfA Japanese Technique with Fingers to Calm Yourself
20 Feb.
required time is based on the individual emotional status of each person. Research by psychologists has shown that we can also use water as an effective method to bring back our peace and calm, reduce stress and tension...
What Should I Drink to Calm My Nerves Before Sleep?What Should I Drink to Calm My Nerves Before Sleep?
10 Nov.
We recharge our body by sleeping, it's the only time of day when our body and consciousness are at peace. Still, a lot of people are unable to get a good night's rest, and therefore relax properly. What should we do...
Freud's Dream Dictionary - Part 2Freud's Dream Dictionary - Part 2
22 Oct.
screen of calm and indifference. Roads Roads in a dream reveal how we view the direction in life we've taken. If the road is clear, it means that we live without any worries, while obstacles portray how we react to impediments....
Dream Meanings According to IslamDream Meanings According to Islam
14 May
In the Islamic religion it is believed that dreams are an important channel of communication between human beings and the supernatural world. Dream meanings in Islam are determined by the holy texts in the Quran. It...
I have a weird dreamI have a weird dream
14 Nov.
Hi. Can you help me? I had this dream some years ago, and can't figure out what it means. So I was in my (or someone else) mobile home and there was a chair by the window. I sat in the chair and got stuck inside it...
Photo Albums of the DeadPhoto Albums of the Dead
31 Mar.
photographing took place at the time. The individuals being photographed had to sit absolutely still for several minutes while the canvas behind them was lit up, and in reality living people can't just freeze up. A photo album...
Dream Meanings According to HinduismDream Meanings According to Hinduism
14 May
Dreams have always been a mystery to people. Why we dream and what our dreams symbolize are questions which people have been asking since ancient times. Today, science is advanced enough to be able to explain...
Dream that you are pregnant?Dream that you are pregnant?
22 Mar.
you are really pregnant then this dream reflects your concerns about pregnancy. Women in the first trimester usually dream of small creatures, furry animals, flowers, fruit and water. Dreams in the second trimester are...
First time posting a dreamFirst time posting a dream
22 Jan.
Hi, I'm new to this. I just woke up and had to figure out what this dream meant. So i googled and found this site. I used as much detail as possible. Should i add backstory to this? Some of it makes a little sense to...
Dream of a ghost boyDream of a ghost boy
12 Feb.
This evening I had a very vivid dream. I was back at my childhood home, visiting. In real life it is torn down. I saw my mother in the kitchen. She is passed away now. Then I walked down the street and saw a toddler...

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