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Dreams on the Night of Thursday Going into Friday

Jana G.Jana G.

Prophetic dreams often transpire on the night of Thursday going into Friday. On Thursday nights, you must pay close attention to the details you witness in the dream.

That's why, as soon as you wake up, write down everything you remember from your dream on a sheet of paper you have prepared the night before near your bed.

The dreams you see on Thursday night very often become reality. But unfortunately, we often forget what we have dreamed immediately after waking. So even if a part of our dream comes true, there's no way of us knowing about it.

Each day of the week is under the influence of a different cosmic object and the planet which influences Friday is Venus. On Thursday night, many people see dreams so realistic that upon waking, they are not sure whether they have dreamed or whether the events were real.


Whenever a person is truly shocked by such a dream, on the night going into Friday, they will surely remember the details and not forget them for a long time to come.

That is why, whenever the dream comes true, the person will be certain that they have had a prophetic dream. But the dreams we see on Thursday night do not come true right away. They, if we have remembered them due to their strong emotional impact, may come true in the coming 3 months.

But if in the few days following the Thursday night dream you get the feeling that the dreamed events have actually taken place, rest assured that the dream was prophetic.

Venus symbolizes the emotional side of a person. Dreams on the night going into Friday are closely linked to the emotions and events in your personal life. They are a reflection of your concealed feelings.

If on Thursday night you dream that you achieve a goal that you have sought for a long time, or that you receive a significant sum of money, this is a sign that soon your dream turn into reality.

If you dream that you lose something or fail at an important place, this signifies that difficulties await you in the material sense, as well as in your love life.