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Hindu dream meaning interpretations

Hindu dream meaning interpretations

Dreams have always been a mystery to people. Why do we dream and what do our dreams mean, these are questions that people ask themselves since the ancient times. Today science has advanced enough to be able to explain some aspects of this parallel world, but there are still many that remain unanswered.

According to Hinduism, our dreams are something more than just visual pictures that our subconscious "paints", they are an indication of our past, present and future. It is believed that the majority of dreams try to focus our attention to a specific message that is important to us. To "decipher" the right message, we must be able to accurately interpret the symbols. This would help to prevent any trouble and to put more efforts into achieving a goal. Here are some of the symbols and their meanings:

Eclipse: Hope is futile. Do not trust your friends, because they are not honest with you. Beware of fatal diseases.

Earthquake: Be careful, it is a symbol of loss and destruction. This may relate to any one area of your life - family, business, love, friendships.

Elephant: this is a symbol of good health, success, power, prosperity and intelligence. You have happy days ahead.

Embroidery and decorations: Do not rely on loved ones, it is extremely likely y=that you will be deceived and disappointed by them.

Hunger: This symbol is interpreted exactly the opposite of its actual waking equivalent. To dream that you are hungry, means that you have many material success and happy circumstances.

Fire: Expect good health and great happiness, you will get new friends and loyal supporters.

Floods: If you engage in commerce, you can expect better days. Business is going to be booming. For everyone else, however, the flood is a symbol of ill health and adverse circumstances.

Fblowers: If you dream that you pick flowers, this is an indication of current and future prosperity. You will be very happy in every area of your life.

Frogs: Maybe these animals are not particularly pleasant, but if you dream of them, you're lucky. Expect great success in the very near future.

Ghosts: This is a very bad omen. Be prepared to overcome difficulties.

Girl: All hopes will come true. A girl is a symbol of success and prosperity.

God: This is a very rare dream, but if you happened to see God in a dream, this is a sign of great success and elevation.

The house of your childhood: You can expect good days, it is a symbol of prosperity.

Husband: If you dream of your own husband, it is a sign that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Travel: This shows you that a big change in living conditions may be coming.



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can you help with meaning of monkeys in my dream in hindu legend