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To Dream of Traveling to a City Abroad - Find out What it Means

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Kissing in Paris

Some people's dreams have to do with cities in a foreign country that they've never visited. According to some these are impressions from throughout the day but according to others a city in a dream has a hidden meaning.

Paris - the French capital is called the "city of love" and not coincidentally its meaning is exactly that in dreams - love. If you dream that you're in Paris it means that you have need of romance and passion in your life.

If you see the Eiffel tower in your dream it indicates that you will enjoy a long and stable relationship, while your partner will be loving and romantic.

Rome - also called the "Eternal City", Rome in dreams speaks of drama and a fate which we cannot escape. If you dream that you find yourself in the capital of Italy, you need to be patient, flexible and diplomatic and accept what fate has prepared for you, no matter if this is pleasant or not.


New York - if you dream that you're in New York, it is highly likely that your daily life is way too hectic and it's difficult for you to deal with this fact.

New York in a dream is also a symbol of our inner desires for more changes. You may have a greater need of more professional successes or perhaps it's just your subconscious sending you a message that it's time to go on a diet and sign up for a gym.

London - if you have a dream that you're finding yourself in the British capital, there is only a single meaning - you want to get ahead so that you win the respect and appreciation of the people around you.

New York

Los Angeles - the "City of Angels" also testifies to your need of successes but here they have to do with glamor, luxury and fame. Your inner voice is telling you that you'll be happy when surrounded by extravagance and items of luxury. Further, you wish for people to admire you and constantly demonstrate their affection.

Las Vegas - if you dream that you're in Las Vegas you need to be aware that in the future you'll have to save a lot and deprive yourself of many of your favorite things because lately you've been spending way too much money.