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Sigmund Freud's Dream Dictionary

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Sigmund Freud

Based on Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis, dreams reveal our subconscious fears and desires. It is by using these messages in our dreams that we can find out our subconscious thoughts.

Since human imagination is without limits and a person is capable of dreaming different things in various forms and images, there is no way to interpret every single symbol in a dream.

If you're curious about what's truly bugging you, go to an expert who can fully interpret the meanings. Here are some of the most commonly seen images and their basic interpretation based on psychoanalysis.


In psychoanalysis, dreaming of a vehicle represents movement in life. If you dream that you're riding in a car, it means that you want to reach success faster. If you're the one driving the vehicle, you want to control your own life.

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If you're riding in a bus, you are not the master of your daily life, you have need of more independence. If you're riding in a car with relatives who are driving it, it means you are emotionally dependent on them.


If you dream of rooms filled with garbage, according to Freud, you are experiencing subconscious hatred or rage. If you have such a dream, you need to remember who you are angry with, to try to talk to them and mutually forgive your mistakes.

An unstable mental state is also unveiled by dreams of a house without a roof or without any walls. In that case, you need to reflect on whether your job or love relationship is keeping you down, in order to change them.

Sex with a relative

If a son dreams of having sex with his mother, it means that he wants to succeed in something at all costs. If a daughter dreams of being intimate with her father, it means that she has need of his support in a task she is undertaking.


Dreams of death happen most often when you move to a new place of residence or make some other fundamental change in your life.

If you dream that you're being murdered, it means that someone is trying to bring about a change in you that you're not too thrilled about. If you're the one killing someone then you are the one who wants to bring about this change.


Dogs and dreams usually symbolize friends and new people you've met. If petting a dog, it means that you're counting on the help and support of a friend.

If the dog is aggressive and barking at you, it indicates that you're not very careful and tactful with your friends, leading to their discontent.



A wolf in a dream is a sign that you feel lonely and that you have the need for someone to take care of you.


A cat in a dream is the voice of your intuition. It implies that you need to count on your inner self in order to resolve your problems.


Birds are a symbol of ambitions. If the bird is an eagle or hawk, it signifies that you sense your own growth.

An owl or raven are indications that some type of information is worrying you. Small birds show that small troubles are worrying you.


If you dream of fish, you need to calmly and carefully review all of the ventures you've begun and decide which ones to put an end to, for subconsciously you are afraid of losses.


Insects in a dream show the sexual desires that you're afraid of showing in real life. If you start to have dreams of insects, you must forget about your shyness and flirt with the object of your affection.


If you dream of pairs of flies, this suggests that you are unsatisfied sexually and you won't feel better until you admit it to yourself.


If you dream of your own wedding, it signifies that you are facing a tough decision that you need to make, which will have an effect on your entire life and therefore worries you extremely.

If you're a guest at a wedding, this means that you really want to help a loved one, who is facing a difficult dilemma.


Dreaming of many children is a sign that you're worried about several small problems. If you see your own children in a dream, you need to be careful when communicating at home. It's possible that you are greatly offending your loved ones with your words and actions.

If you're looking for a lost child, it means you're looking for lost hope.


If you're entering a church in a dream - this implies that in real life your actions are motivated by your own egotism and your unwillingness to consider the people around you. This type of dream is a warning that it's time to change your life and repent for committed sins.



Feeding pigs in a dream indicates that you are protecting the wrong type of people in real life. Your enemies are taking advantage of your naivety, using the secrets you've entrusted to them against you.


According to Freud, a snake in a dream symbolizes the penis. Women's relations toward the snake reveals their relations toward the man in their life.

The snake is also a sign of suppressed sexual desire.