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Those Who Dream of Murder are More Likely to Commit it

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A new study by German researchers has come to the conclusion that people who dream of murder are more likely to commit such a crime in real life.

According to the experts, people who dream of how they are killing someone harbor a hidden aggression and hostility. Very often, they are introverted personalities, who have a difficult time making new contacts.

The German scientists are of the opinion that those dreaming of murder are more open to different experiences when they are awake. Their dreams are often a living portrait of real life events.

Lead researcher of the study, Michael Schredl from the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany, told the Daily Mail that along with his students he analyzed the dreams of 443 German students.

The participants in the experiment remembered on average 2-3 of the dreams they had in a week, with 19% of them dreaming that they were killing other people.


The end results revealed that men had aggressive dreams much more frequently than women. It also became evident that introverted people who have a low level of politeness experience dreams related to murder more often.

Schredl is determined to find out the circumstances surrounding the murders that people commit in their dreams, to find out whether the crime is being carried out in self-defense, is an accident or a coldblooded act.

Based on the observations and analyses of Sigmund Freud, a dream in which you kill someone shows that you are suppressing your rage and aggression. After such a dream, you should think about whether you are feeling anger toward something or someone in your real life.

It may mean that you dislike the person you are killing in your dream. The murder victim may also symbolize your own character traits that you do not like and want to remove.

A dream with a murder can be interpreted as a sign of a drastic change that you're trying to make as well. It may mean that you are facing your own habit or a person from the past that you need to cut off all ties with.

If you dream that you are a witness to a murder, this is a sign that you are harboring a great deal of fury in yourself toward a given person. Think about how the victim in your dream symbolizes certain aspects of your life.