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Dreams on the Night of Wednesday Going into Thursday

Jana G.Jana G.

During sleep, the human brain processes a tremendous amount of information, received both consciously and subconsciously. The reason we see dreams is still not clear but some of them are prophetic and do come true.

It is believed that the dream you have on Wednesday going into Thursday has a great chance to be prophetic. Each day of the week is under the influence of a different celestial body. Thursday is ruled over by Jupiter. Dreams on Wednesday night contain highly valuable information about prospects dealing with work. Dreams on the night going into Thursday have to do with the social activity of the person.

If you witness bright scenes and there are many people present in your dream, this means that you will have great success at work and you will quickly rise up the social ladder.

If people smile at you in a Wednesday night dream, this is a sign that you will win over the sympathies of lots of people, who will aid you in projects that are important to you.

Very often, Wednesday night dreams come true on Sunday. As a whole, dreams witnessed on Wednesday going into Thursday are prophetic.

Such dreams are advice which you receive having to do with all kinds of life situations, which you have encountered at a given point. If on Wednesday night you see a dream in which you attempt to solve a complex problem, this is a sign that at the moment you are way too focused on getting ahead at work and nothing else matters to you.


You don't even pay any attention to the problems you have in your family because you are absorbed in your desire to achieve something important at work. A dream of this sort is a sign that you must pay attention to those closest to you, since your relations with them will suffer significantly if you do not act.

If in your dream going into Thursday you see rich people, luxurious locales and banknotes, this indicates that soon you are to take over the business of a relative.

If in your dream you encounter people who have need of aid, this is a sign that you will have to support your business partners in a venture.