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Dreams on the Night of Friday Going into Saturday

Jana G.Jana G.

The dreams we witness on Friday going into Saturday are ruled over by the planet Saturn. It has an influence over our fate and luck, whether things will go well for us in work and in love.

The dreams we see on Friday night show us what we need to give up on and what decision to make. On Friday night, we can see fragments of our future, as well as the future of people who are important to us. The fateful events in dreams going into Saturday have both a good and bad meaning.

If, after you wake up, you remember pleasant fragments of your dream, this means that troubles will pass you by and your desired goals will be achieved without effort.

If, upon waking, you have unpleasant feelings and remember negative moments from your dream, be prepared for your problems not to be quickly resolved.

Dreams going into Saturday are a result of our recent actions in real life. If you have dreamed something truly troublesome on Friday night going into Saturday, try to connect the dots between the horrifying nightmares and real life problems that you're trying to overcome.


Your nightmares might have been caused by the actual problems which have been tormenting you for the past few days. But it might be that right on the night going into Saturday, you will find the correct solution to the problems.

If on the night going into Saturday, your dream was black and white or made you feel anxious or sense great fear, serious troubles await you in the next week.

Whenever you see a high fence or barrier on Friday night, this means that difficult obstacles await you on the road to the goal you're headed for.

If your dream on Friday night was pleasant and you dreamed of vast plains or an endless water expanse, this signifies that everything you try to achieve shortly will come to pass.

If on the night going into Saturday, you dream of close relatives or friends that you have not seen in a long while, seek them out in the coming days, for they most likely have need of your aid.