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What do Dreams of Gemstones and Semi-Precious Gemstones Portend?


According to folk legends, dreams of gemstones, whether plain, precious or semi-precious, symbolize a serious obstacle in one's life. If you are given a gemstone or other expensive item crafted from silver or gold, you're going to receive bad news in the near future.

To interpret the dreams of some of the more common gemstones and precious metals, here we've compiled their meanings:


Usually it symbolizes good luck but if you dream that you're looking at it in a pawn shop or are stealing it, expect serious trouble.


If you dream that you're buying or selling pearls, expect troubles. You may inadvertently get involved in drama or have gossip catch up to you. But if you find a pearl in your dream, know that soon your friends and loved ones are going to express their love toward you.


If you dream that you're wearing a diamond ring, expect to be insulted by someone close to you. On the other hand, if you find a diamond, then it's likely that soon you'll find yourself enjoying an opulent life. Another interpretation of the dream is that it's time to think about starting a family.



If you lose or find something golden, this is a symbol of happiness. But if you're being given something golden, rest assured that you're soon going to have family issues.


Regardless of whether you're finding it, buying it, giving it or being given it as a gift, this gemstone symbolizes happiness. Expect stability financially, as well as in your family and social life.


Believe in yourself and don't seek anyone else's opinion because it will only mislead you.


If you dream that you've lost your favorite ruby necklace or ring, this means that you're soon going to part ways with someone close to you. Or there's going to be a death in the family. In all other cases, this gemstone is a symbol of success.


If you're a woman and dream of this gemstone it would be wise to consider whether you're not being too compliant toward your partner and whether they're not consciously taking advantage of this. Further, the sapphire is a symbol of financial earnings and prosperity.