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Dreamt of a Knife? What to Watch out for


The knife is generally linked to aggression, feud, battle and other negative situations. In dreams, the image of this weapon also has a negative association but depending on the other circumstances it can portend various events. As such, dreams of this object need to be analyzed carefully and from different angles.

If a knife appears in your dream, be ready for unforeseen dangers, big arguments or unexpected obstacles.

If in your dream someone is holding a knife and trying to hurt you, or has managed to, don't trust anyone. It's a sign that you're going to face betrayal and disappointment in real life.

If you're the one using a knife in your dream, expect difficult conversations to come. You're likely acting egotistically and others aren't too fond of your behavior. You'll need to show more compromises in order to maintain good relations with those you rely on.

If you suddenly find a knife in your dream, someone close to you is going to lie to you. If the weapon is stained with blood - financial problems lie ahead.

Dried blood on a knife, on the other hand, predicts tribulations in your personal life.

If in your dream you witness a murder with a knife, expect a rift in love relations. It's safe to say your partner isn't faithful or that your relationship has run its course and you face a breakup.

As you can see, dreams with a knife present can be interpreted in various ways. Regardless, it's always a good idea to be cautious when this weapon comes to you in your dreams.