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The Correct Interpretations of the Most Scandalous Erotic Dreams


Erotic dreams can be quite pleasant, passionate and realistic, especially when the object of our fantasies and feelings is in them. They can even be frightening at times though, for example if you see yourself playing a role that's uncharacteristic for you.

But don't let these kinds of acts bother you because psychologists have provided perfectly logical explanations for them. Here's how they interpret some of the most common erotic dreams.

- if you dream that you're in the body of a person of the opposite sex, don't worry, the dream isn't an indication of homosexual tendencies. Rather, it's hinting that you have a perceptive and curious mind and often put yourself in other people's shoes when trying to find solutions to their problems.

- if a woman dreams that she's being intimate with another lady, this is by no means an indication that she's attracted to her own sex. Rather, it's a sign that she's not receiving enough warmth, gentleness and understanding. In dreams, a woman is a symbol of these very same qualities.

- if in your dream you're making love to someone other than your partner, it's not a sign that you wish to cheat on your partner. The dream simply indicates that you see certain qualities in that person that are absent in your life partner.

- if in your dream you see yourself being intimate with a foreigner, then you likely have a whole lot of unfinished tasks in real life that you need to complete.


- oftentimes we find ourselves dreaming of giving in to displays of affection with a person whom we actually consider to be unpleasant. This type of dream doesn't reveal any hidden sexual attraction toward that person but rather that we would subconsciously like to look like them. A dream of this sort can be a sign that we need urgent change in our life. After you experience one of these, it's wise to think about a change of occupation, wardrobe or hairstyle.

- another widespread erotic dream is that of sex in a public place. It reveals that we have low self-esteem and are too concerned with others' opinions of us.

- if in your dream you're using whips, handcuffs and other erotic toys, this suggests that you're a person who likes to keep things under control.