Dreams on the Night of Monday Going into Tuesday
Сънища в понеделник срещу вторник
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Dreams on the Night of Monday Going into Tuesday

Jana G.Jana G.

Every day of the week has a direct link with a certain planet. This has an influence on the dreams a person has on the nights going into certain days.

Tuesday is under the influence of the red planet with a warlike temper - Mars. The dreams we have on Monday going into Tuesday often portend of future conflicts.

The aggressive nature of the dreams going into Tuesday are evidence of your readiness toward decisive actions, which you have postponed for one reason or another.

Dreams going into Tuesday can be a serious sign of drastic changes in your life. This applies in the cases where your dream is incredibly clear, filled with emotions that you have sensed.

If on the night going into Tuesday you dream that you become triumphant in various types of conflicts, arguments or even war battles, this is a true sign that soon you will take a leadership position.

Whenever you see yourself as a winner in your dreams going into Tuesday, this is a good sign, symbolizing victory in all areas of life.


Pay close attention to whatever happens in the days following this dream. That way you won't miss your given chance and you will be able to take advantage of your luck.

Dreams on Monday night into Tuesday are related to the goals and desires of the person. These dreams have the goal of helping us prepare for various difficulties in life and give us a hint as to how to avoid them.

A dream on Monday night should come true within the next 10 days. If not, there's no need to wait any longer.

Dreams going into Tuesday that do not prepare you for conflict situations are less - they push you toward self perfection.

If you have begun an undertaking, keep in mind that a Monday night dream will predict whether it will be successful. Whenever there are sharp objects present in Monday night dreams, this is further evidence that things are going according to your plans.

You only need to curb your enthusiasm if you have suffered a loss in a Monday night dream. Then, you need to wait before you go ahead with your plans.