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Here's How Fear Can Kill youHere's How Fear Can Kill you
26 Oct.
The fear gene Stathmin is the gene that's usually active in the amygdala and is responsible for instinctive fears, such as dangerous animals or heights. Fear can be fatal You can literally be scared to death....
Jewellery can block our energy flowJewellery can block our energy flow
09 Jan.
Jewelry is beautiful, but sometimes can harm people! Ancient eastern teachings and energy meridians in the body are recognized today even by hardened materialists. In every body there are internal and external radiation...
Sleep disorders can be very dangerousSleep disorders can be very dangerous
26 Feb.
Some sleep disorders namely sleep walking is carried out when there is a full moon. Subsequently clarified by the incidence of no midnight trips to the terms phases of the moon. Just for the witnesses it was much easier to...
Can we interpret our own dreams?Can we interpret our own dreams?
17 Feb.
Interpretation of dreams is strictly individual to everyone therefore, a ready dream book could not help one to interpretate as the dream, is a dialogue between our internal aspects, conscious and our subconsciousness....
Proven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill usProven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill us
28 Aug.
Studies upon studies, conducted by scientists around the world, prove that our thoughts have great power. Negative thoughts can not only make us sick mentally, but physically as well, announces New Scientist magazine....
Curses Can be Lifted Using WaterCurses Can be Lifted Using Water
04 Aug.
If you feel worn out, it's possible for someone to have cursed you. In essence, a curse is negative psychological energy, born of hatred, malice and irritation. It pierces the aura of the person and carries negative...
Mayan calendar does not predict the end of the worldMayan calendar does not predict the end of the world
01 Mar.
Scientists from around the world continue to study the Mayan calendar, according to which during the time and year of 21/12/2012 the world will come to an end on planet earth. In the calendar it is described that on December...
Fateful Encounters with Animals! Find out What to ExpectFateful Encounters with Animals! Find out What to Expect
09 Feb.
It is said that an encounter with any animal is a sign that fate is sending us. All we need do is interpret it in order to find out what we should do and avoid....
160 animals killed because the Bible of the Devil160 animals killed because the Bible of the Devil
05 Oct.
Codex Gigas or Bible of Devil is the largest medieval manuscript preserved until today. Th Legend Devil book came from the 15th century, until today it is stated that the transgressions is the work of the monk. He was...
Hundreds of Fake Animal Mummies FoundHundreds of Fake Animal Mummies Found
03 June
This impressive number of animal mummies made some scientists wonder about where the ancient taxidermists could have found so many animals....
Contacting an animal through psychic powersContacting an animal through psychic powers
22 Sept.
"Animals do not open their mouths like us humans, but they know very well how to speak without sound....
Virgin Mary predicted Chernobyl disasterVirgin Mary predicted Chernobyl disaster
25 June
She predicted that people hold upon hoping for God's help. She told the bishop for the local people of Chernobyl to put her face at the base of each clock....
What Astrology Predicts Until the End of FebruaryWhat Astrology Predicts Until the End of February
22 Feb.
This Monday, the full moon starts to shine in Leo, and the Sun and Neptune form a harmonious conjunction in Pisces until Sunday, which will bring to the fore even your most well-kept desires. Aries - Others nearby...
Kazakhstani Vanga Predicts Death and Destruction in 2018Kazakhstani Vanga Predicts Death and Destruction in 2018
06 Feb.
The prophetess Vera Lion has announced her dark prognosis for the year 2018. Known as the Kazakhstani Vanga, she has made predictions about what will happen in the US, Russia, China, the EU, NATO, Ukraine, as well...
Eight Discoveries Which Can Change your Life!Eight Discoveries Which Can Change your Life!
20 May
We all secretly hope that should we ever fall ill to a serious disease that doctors will have the right technology available with which to cure us. Today we have a lot more cause for hope than 10 years ago, for example....

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