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Everyone Can Now View Earth from Space

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Anyone who is curious will have a view toward Earth from onboard the International Space Station, since live streaming on the Internet is now fact.

Anyone who is willing will be able to gaze upon our home planet in real time, with the view toward Earth being the same as that which astronauts see in open space.

4 HD cameras are filming from on board space station, with the real-time view of our planet being broadcast on the Internet through the website

The creators of the site announce that for now the cameras will not stream nonstop and the streaming will be stopped.


All 4 cameras, which will stream live from space are located on the outside of the International Space Station.

The project came to be after a joint experiment of the high school organization in the US. The design of the cameras was created by students between the ages of 9-12.

The American space agency NASA also showed innovation in their own inventions. The space agency unveiled the suit which will be used by future astronauts, who will possibly take the first flight to Mars.

The presented spacesuit Z-2 is just a prototype, but its components will be part of the suits of the first astronauts to arrive on the Red Planet.


The suits contain parts that give off light and luminescent cables, which can help identify the different members of the flight.

The design of the suits was chosen after a public vote, which 233 431 people supported.

Z-2 will be created by using parts printed on 3D printers, while 3D laser screens will assure the complete comfort of each one of the astronauts.

The unveiled prototype will be subjected to testing in vacuum chambers, in NASA's training swimming pool and a place fashioned like the rocky surface of Mars.

NASA representatives state that the new series of spacesuits will include new technologies, which will aid the first people to set foot on the red planet.