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The 3 Types of Pisces you Can Encounter

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Pisces are the most contradictory zodiac sign of the horoscope since they express quite conflicting traits. They can be annoyingly childish - and then exceptionally wise in the next instant. Find out below who the main kinds of Pisces are that you can encounter.

The primary qualities that this zodiac sign is most often linked to is high emotionality, a tendency toward idealism and wandering in their own thoughts.

Rarely do Pisces express every single one of their qualities though. More often than not, some dominate over others.

In this way, different kinds of personalities are expressed, regardless of the fact that they all belong to the same sign. Go through the article below and then comment on the kinds representatives of Pisces that you see most often in life.

1. The Dreamer


These are the representatives of Pisces that can talk about the meaning of life and the road to spiritual growth for hours on end. They seek the fundamental point in even the smallest of things. Very often they leave the impression that they're not of this planet due to being extremely absent-minded, constantly preoccupied with their own thoughts and acting inadequately. But they are also the most creative Pisces, the perfect artists.

2. The Mediator

This kind is the most sociable among Pisces. They prefer being part of a group than sitting alone with their thoughts. They have a ton of friends and easily forge new contacts. At the same time they are empathetic, always perfectly sensing the emotions of others and trying not to hurt them with their words or actions. They are the perfect advisors and partners whom you can talk to about anything.

3. The Super-sensitive Persona

The super-sensitive Pisces are the most introverted representatives of this sign. They love solitude, plus are incredibly touchy which is why they rarely thrive in large groups of people. They're very quiet, preferring to talk less and listen and analyze more. Even the smallest negative remark can ruin them psychologically, while their anxieties and feeling of guilt constantly dog them. But they are highly reasonable and can easily get to the root of any problem.