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Five-Year-Old Telepath Can Read Mother's Mind

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Ramses Sanguino, who is just 5 years old, stunned scientists from Harvard after proving in several experiments that he can guess the numbers his mother Nyx thinks of, using telepathy.

Despite his tender age, Ramses is a genuine prodigy. He knows how to solve complex math problems and is now learning his 7th foreign language.

To prove his telepathic abilities, Ramses had to guess the numbers his mother thought of, while under the supervision of a Harvard medical team.

He managed to get 16 out of 17 numbers correctly, while internet videos uploaded by Nyx show that the little boy can guess up to 38 numbers by reading his mother's thoughts.

Ramses's abilities are undeniable and place him in the top 5 child prodigies worldwide. Dr. Diane Powell from Harvard Medical School believes that the severe form of autism the boy is suffering from is the likely cause of his supernatural abilities.

Since he could not develop the ability to communicate the regular way with his mother, he has managed to generate a parallel, but also paranormal, connection to her.

Even back when he was a baby, the boy did not like toys and preferred books. At just 1 and a half years old he already knew how to speak English and Spanish and learned his multiplication table.


Powell herself shares that she believes in telepathy and the experiments with Ramses prove its existence. Experts from Harvard say that there are others who also have telepathic abilities but they refuse to go public out of fear of being ridiculed.

5-year-old Ramses still cannot find the right school since he is among the most intelligent people in the world. He can freely recite verses in Ancient Greek, he speaks Old Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese, and he can write out the entire Periodic Table.

His mother, Nyx, who admits doesn't have such a high level of intelligence, can also boast of telepathic abilities. She says she can come into contact with her cats when they run away from home and make them come back.