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What Diseases can Colors Save us From?


The practice of using colors for therapeutic purposes dates back to the most ancient of times. Even back then our ancestors noticed that certain tones have a specific energy and have beneficial effects on our health. Here's which diseases are alleviated by which colors that we see all around us in our daily lives:

- gold - has a warming and general strengthening effect. Helps against heart problems.

- yellow - a warming and energizing color, recommended for permanent fatigue, cold extremities, muscle spasms, difficult digestion, constipation, gases, stomach disorders, diabetes. It's also believed that this tone fights urinary tract infections.


- orange - this color can warm the body and instill it with vitality. It's used for cough, sore throat, digestive problems, ovarian cysts, kidney diseases, arthritis, muscle cramps, absence of orgasm. The color orange also stimulates breast milk.

- green - has a calming and relaxing effect. It can be applied for eye problems, migraine, various inflammations, burns. It's effective against flu, stomach problems, venereal diseases.

- turquoise - has a toning, strengthening and calming effect. This color is used for headaches, eye problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, irrational nervousness, various infections. Turquoise improves the thought process and hearing.

- blue - alleviates tension, improves mood, cools. It's used for skin diseases, itching, wounds, bruises, high blood pressure, migraine. It's effective against menstrual pains, gas, stomach problems.


- purple - quieting and sobering, relieves stress and gets rid of fears. Works well against insomnia, headaches, white blood cell problems, sexual weakness, alcoholism. It's used against tumors, hair loss, varicose veins, brain concussions, cataracts, epilepsy.

- red - has an energizing and warming effect. It's recommended for liver problems, sexual weakness, red blood cell problems, leukemia, various cancers, paralysis. It's thought to be effective against AIDS as well.

- pink - enhances positive emotions, calms, provides happiness. It's used for depression, the loss of a loved one, sexual trauma, difficulty in communicating with others. It helps with vein problems, paralysis, skin diseases, sore throat and others.