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The 3 Types of Gemini you Can Encounter

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When it comes to Gemini you can hear all kinds of adjectives, such as annoying, inconsistent and a little crazy. But before you describe them yourself, find out what types the representatives of this zodiac sign can be.

If someone you know belongs to this sign or their ascendant is Gemini, you've probably noticed that they're 2 souls in 1 body. They're constantly jumping from role to role and their behavior is difficult to predict.

As an air sign, they can easily change their opinion but this brings them pros, not just cons, because they can adapt to new conditions easier than others.

Of course, not all Geminis are completely the same. Variations between the different personalities exist but most can be grouped into 3 separate types. Find out what these are below.

1. The life of the party


This type of Gemini is a real charmer. They can quickly blend into any new setting or social circle, winning people over with their wit and sense of humor. These Gemini are friendly and will always make you laugh with their jokes. They lighten up the atmosphere around them, even sharing things that are a bit too personal with strangers. They attract others' attention without much effort and turn into the life of any party.

2. The ever curious one

The 2nd type of Gemini is curious and inquisitive. They're always looking for ways to enrich their mind, to read and develop different hobbies. They highly value every kind of information, which makes them extremely intelligent, with excellent communication skills. Reading and communicating are the things they're most interested in - they can spend hours in the library or talking with friends. They strive to know what's going on in the world, as well as all the gossip surrounding their acquaintances.

3. The one who never shuts up

The 3rd type of Gemini is the talkative one who never seems to shut up. Whatever subject you bring up, they can talk about it for hours on end. They possess the talent of blabbing endlessly, something which can innerve some, while entertaining others. There's no question capable of putting him outside his comfort zone; he'd willingly discuss both personal tragedies and yesterday's lunch. This type of Gemini always feels like talking.