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Blind people can see with their tongue

Blind people

This is not a story of a sci-fi movie, but reality. The revolutionary technology that will allow a blind person to have their vision partially restored with the help of the nerve endings of the tongue, was developed by American scientists.

The new technology is called Brain Point. Indeed, the idea was put back in the 60's of the last century. Famous neurosurgeon suggested that one sees not with ones eyes but with ones brain. Their vision comes only from external light signals.

Now scientists have created a special device, which represents glasses and largely restores sight. Glasses catch the light and transmit the information to the tiny device that converts light waves into electrical signals in a very thin cable to the language they are received.

So for your sensitive nerve endings, it conveys signals to the brain. Scientists explained that this language is to be replaced in the part of the 2 million optic nerves leading from the eyeball to the brain. Pulses derived from the language in the brain, are converted to images.

Revolutionary glasses have already been tested by blind people. With their help they have seen doors and even letters. One week is enough to teach a man to see through the tongue.