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Lack of sleep can literally drive you mad

Lack of sleep

Even young people in perfect mental health are at risk of diseases of the nervous system if you sleep less than five hours a day.

This claim Australian researchers, who studied more than twenty thousand people at the age of seventeen to twenty-four years. Experts found a link between insufficient sleep and chronic mental illness.

Lack of sleep

These diseases can become a real chronic problem if you sleep less than nine hours a day. Nine hours is the time, which restores the brain and nervous system, scientists are convinced.

Lead researcher Professor Nick Glotsiar believes, that sleep disorders are an important symptom that indicates the presence of mental disorders, most often depression.

According to the Professor, a deficit of sleep increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and leads to accumulation of excess weight.

The study's authors believe that the reduction in duration of sleep is directly related to recent widespread chronic psychological abnormalities in young people.

This is especially true for people who regularly sleep less than the recommended by experts norm – less than just nine hours, which affects their status.

To save your mental health, you should take the necessary measures to restore the normal rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.

The bad thing is that people postpone most of the work they have, to after the evening news, go to bed at two or three o'clock in the morning and get up at seven, to be able to do their job during the day.